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Since they were founded, sororities and fraternities have built themselves on a platform of traditions and rituals that are meant to be kept within a specific chapter. We all know what these are: secret creeds, mottos, acronyms, ceremonies, the works. It is cool to have this classified information at your disposal, because you feel like you know a secret that nobody else does.

I totally understand that earning the right to know these secrets is a symbol of being a part of a special organization, but let’s be honest here: the secret door-knock is not the reason we are joining Greek life. If you did join a sorority solely because you wanted to learn a secret door-knock and handshake then I respect you, but I simply do not understand you.

I am a sorority girl and I have not and will not disclose the classified information of my chapter because that, my friends, is a little something I like to call respect.

However, I would find it a little extreme to sue a member for sharing the secret handshake, but that is exactly what Phi Sigma Sigma is doing to their member, who is being identified in this news story as “Jane Doe.”

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