Winter Struggles Only Florida Girls Understand (2)

5.) “Cuddle weather”? Yeah, that’s not a thing in Florida. All weather is the  “It’s too hot, don’t touch me” kind of weather.

4.) You’ll never truly understand how perfect your hair can be in the cold weather. In Florida, it’s frizzy hair 24/7.

3.) Your body is completely unused to even slightly-cold temperatures. Anything below 70 degrees is like, basically freezing.

2.) You’ll never get to experience the joy other girls feel in the winter when they don’t have to shave their legs for months at a time. In the Sunshine State, it’s guaranteed that you’re gonna have to shave those suckers all year long.

1.) The worst part? Sometimes, you’re kinda… maybe a little bit … glad you live in Florida? We may not have winter boots, perfect winter hair, or snow, but we do have cute sandals, chi boho beach-waves, and the our greatest love, the beach itself. Maybe winter in Florida isn’t so bad all the time.


Jessica Rodriguez

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