Why Your Roommate is the Real MVP

College has given me many things.  It has given me an education, real life experience, and a best friend for life.  Roommates have a very special relationship that is cannot be found anywhere else.  If you are lucky, your roommate will be one of the best things that college can give you.  I have been lucky enough to have the same roommate since freshman year and she has taught me more about myself than I ever could have known.  She has knowingly taken on a huge part of my life (even though I am not always the easiest person to live with) and I am so grateful for that.  Here are some very important roles that your roommate takes on for you:
10. Best Friend- We all came to school with our best friends from home and the people we have grown up with.  While those people will remain in your life, your roommate will take this new role as your college best friend.  She is the one who understands your new life and is going through the same stress, home-sickness, and crazy nights as you.
best friends
9. Mother- Moving away for the first time is hard.  You spent eighteen years being cared for and now you are away from home with only your roommate to care for you.  So sometimes she will cook and clean and console you while you cry but you will also do the same.
8. Boyfriend- If your lucky, there will be a time when both you and your roommate will be single.  This is wonderful for going out and having fun but sometimes you still need someone to help you carry heavy things, kill spiders and open jars but will a little team effort, your roommate can help you fill that role too.
7. Therapist- Every college student has a breaking point and if you are me, you pass that far too often.  So you have your roommate there to comfort you while you cry, analyze cryptic text messages and form words when you are just too angry to do so yourself.  She keeps you relatively sane in a crazy college life.
6. Life coach- College is supposed to be a time where you can figure out the rest of your life.  You find internships, apply for jobs and try to make a five year plan but all of that is not as easy as it sounds.  Your roommate is there to help talk things out and to stress about the future with.
life coach
Madison Norwich

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