Why Your Roommate is the Real MVP (2)

5. Worst Enemy- So you love your roommate of course but part of her job is to tell you like it is.  She will tell you your boyfriend is a jerk and that dress really does not look good on you, and at the moment you will be pissed.  But at the end of the day you need her to tell you the cold hard truth because other people won’t do so.
worst enemy
4. Teacher- I came to college a naïve child as I am sure many people do.  I did not know how to cook, live on my own, or really work technology and maybe my roommate didn’t know how to do all of that either but she was there to learn along with me and try to figure out how to be an adult.
3. Partner in Crime- This is where the fun comes in.  Your roommate is there to dance things out, drink way too much, and make dumb decisions with you.  Whether you are at the bar with a bunch of people or in your apartment with just each other, when you are together, it is always a good time.
partner in crime
2. Nurse- Whether you cut your finger, have a cold or web MD tells you you are dying, your roommate is always there to save the day.  She will accompany you to the doctor, bring you soup in bed and not complain when you keep her up all night coughing.  Plus she will always reassure you that maybe web MD is not always right.
1. Future Bridesmaid-  All of these roles that your roommate has chosen to take on have given her a permanent place in your life and your future.  She will remain your person as you grow old and continue to be there to save the day.
(Shout out to Katie for being my one and only!)
Madison Norwich

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