Why the Man Bun has Just Got to Go

Man buns- they were cool for about a semester, but I’m here to say “I’m just not that into you.”

Okay, so I was never the biggest fan, but now they just need to go. Some men can rock them, but majority (read most) can not.

Over the years, men have experimented with many questionable hair styles, from the mullet to the Justin Bieber side sweep, we’ve seen it all. As soon as I see a man bun I immediately picture this hipster in a coffee shop.

The man bun has become a way for men to express themselves through their appearance, but to me the man bun is a just a way that men are getting lazy with their appearance, and it seems that many women agree.

According to the Detroit Free Press a study claims that:

62.9% of women surveyed either dislike or hate the man bun

58% said they wouldn’t date a man with a bun

74% said their current or past significant other would not look attractive with a man bun

I’m sorry Harry, but the man bun is not for you.

We’ve now even got to the point where men are buying fake man buns. I understand some women use extensions, but this is different and totally unattractive.


So please stop growing your hair out and let the girls rock the buns boys.

xo Lo

Lauren Fick

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