Why Rosie the Riveter Would Make the Perfect Recruitment Chair

Rosie the Riveter and recruitment chairs share many common traits. They know how to accomplish all the tasks of the job that needs to be done. They are strong, independent women who have a powerful presence.

These are just a few of the traits that would make Rosie a great recruitment chair so stick around…

10. She knows how to inspire others. 

rosie 2

In every task she does Rosie acts as a mentor. She is the best big, grandbig, and leader because she is constantly aiming higher.

9. She works hard.

rosie 3

Rosie is not the type of woman to half-ass any task. She is dedicated and is a force to be reckoned with so listen up!

8. She has admirers like the lovely  Beyoncé and thousands of sorority women nationwide. 


She is the woman who inspires her little and all those under her care to do better and work harder in everything they do. She is the woman who everyone loves and admires.

7. She knows how to take charge of any situation. 

rosie 4

Rosie is a woman of action. She will exceed the recruitment quota every time guaranteed and will make sure every recruitment round is running according to plan.

6. She is willing to speak to anyone about causes she is passionate about. 

rosie 6

Whether she believes in the theme, the type of women your sorority is looking for, or the type of activities she hopes to put on, this woman is passionate. She knows what she wants to do and will find the people necessary to help her do it.


Madeline Frisk

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