Why I’m Proud to be Anti-Hazing (2)

A lot of people argue that lacking respect is a reason to haze. Believe me, it’s easy to get caught up in the worry of chapter issues and think that there’s an easy solution. Hazing, however, is absolutely not that solution. If I have learned anything in life it’s that you do not get respect by demanding it, but rather you get respect by being respectful. The sisters above me in pledge class order never had to demand that I respect them, but rather I did solely because I watched them lead our sisterhood. I admired them from seeing their positive attitudes and they way they upheld our standards. I wanted to be like them, they accepted me as I was, and that idea alone made me respect them. I’m proud to be anti-hazing because I am pro-new member development.

Hazing hurts your sisters and brothers. It does not make them better by making them feel like they are less. You are risking everything when you haze. I do not say this lightly. Every single accomplishment, award, scholarship, and ounce of history is on the line when someone chooses to haze their new members. I will always be proud to say that I do not partake in hazing rituals. This isn’t meant to bash anyone. What you chose to do is nobody’s business but your own, honestly. But if you really want to change the way people think about your organization and Greek life as a whole maybe it’s time to be that person that stands up and says something.

My hands don’t haze. They will guide you in learning, understanding, and loving the history and ways of the sisterhood or brotherhood without the need to inflict anything upon you. Because at the end of the day, you need to build your brothers and sisters up – not tear them down.


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