Why Getting Your Little Is The Best Christmas Present Around (2)

5. You can study together and buy each other coffee when you’re basically living at the library during finals week. 


Whether you’re both studying pre-med or have completely different majors, studying together and making sure you both stay on track academically is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you both graduate with honors you’ll be thankful for all those sleepless nights making flashcards, working on projects, and writing papers.

4. You will share your friends as well as your enemies with each other. 


That girl you hate for stealing your boyfriend or for stealing your favorite pair of jeans, your little will hate as well. Same goes for your friends. Your little’s best friend will become your friend as well because if you love her, of course you will love those who she chooses to have in her life!

3. You will always have the perfect pre-gaming buddy. 


Your little will always be there to pound some Burnett’s with you, sip on Bailey’s infused coffee together, and be your favorite beer pong partner. She’s the tequila to your lime at every function or house party that you go to. You share closets so you’re always the best dressed when you walk in.

2. You are her mentor, so if she’s acting up you’ll be there to set her straight. 


If you do your job right she’ll thank you in the end because being honest with each other is never a bad thing. Whether she got called into standards or got into a fight with another sister if she did something wrong, it’s important that you tell her as such. If your time in the sorority has taught you anything, it’s that class isn’t just something you attend.

1. When you graduate you’ll be able to pass down more gifts to her like all your old sorority shirts, accessories, letters and more! 

kappa 1

She’ll some day do the same because being a part of a sorority family lineage is another gift that keeps on giving! Sharing that old barn dance shirt or your special recruitment chair shirt will help you share those memories with your little and the moments you loved being a sister. Those items that bear your letters are so much more than just their material value.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sorority Lyfers! 

Madeline Frisk

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