Why College Girls Hate Hearing The Phrase “You’re already skinny”

woman exercising yoga

You’re lounging around in the dorms with your friends when all of a sudden you scroll past “workoutinspo” on instagram. You complain to your girls that you should work out as you stuff more flaming hot cheetos into your mouth. Your friends do the thing all friends are supposed to: tell you you don’t need to worry because you’re already skinny. Bless their hearts, really, but this is NOT what I want to hear.
I’ve always been pretty small. My family has a history of fast metabolisms. In middle school, I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining anything. I was a student athlete and I was in a gym class almost every year, so maybe that had something to do with it. But now I’m in college; I’m sometimes just too tired to go to the gym and snacking almost comes hand-in-hand with doing homework.next

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