Why Catcalling is Degrading

Why Catcalling is Degrading and Disrespectful to All Women All women have the right to feel safe and respected, especially when she has clearly said no. Learn why catcalling is not only rude, but also degrading.

It’s a Friday night. I am at a house with my friends trying to meet up with the rest of our group before going out. I am trying to give them directions on the phone to where I am, and they say that they are down the street. So, I head outside to meet them. I am on the phone with them when all of the sudden, this middle-aged man in an old broken down car comes to a halt.

He starts asking me questions like, “What are you doing tonight, baby? Wanna get in?” I yell at him , “No, go away,” but he persists, “Come on baby!” He starts making kissy noises at me and I scream at him, “You’re creepy, go away, go away, go away!!”

He won’t go away. He won’t listen to me. He makes me feel vunerable, and in this moment, I do not know what to do. I am not sure what he will do next. Then, my male friend comes out and yells at him to go away and leave me alone. He jets off just like that.  Shortly after, my friends arrive, but this man has ruined my night in just one minute. I am in shock and begin to cry. I Ask myself, “how could one man make me feel so awful?”

I wondered why this man would ever think it was okay to act like this. It was degrading. Does this man not respect women? How would he act if some one did this to his mother, sister, or girlfriend? Why did he drive away as soon as a man came outside?  Was it something that I did?  These questions are important to think about when looking at catcalling. These four questions will help me explain how degrading catcalling is and why it needs to be put to an end.


Lauren Fick

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