Why Catcalling is Degrading (2)

4. Does this man not respect women?

What this man did was harassment. He made me feel threatened and like a piece of meat. The whole motion of catcalls assumes at the most basic level an ownership of the woman being catcalled, in that they have the right to command women to do what they want. Catcallers direct women to, “smile baby…don’t be sad, turn around…let me see that pretty face,” or in my case talk to him and even get in his car.

Catcalling isn’t just an innocent or playful request; it shows entitlement, and enforces the message that women don’t deserve control over their own bodies. The catcaller’s decision to act on their attraction towards a woman is the shift that turns an innocent and fleeting attraction to objectification in its purest form.

When a harasser catcalls, he disregards the woman’s humanity. He doesn’t consider the possibility of her discomfort,  irritation, or fear. His actions signal that a woman is nothing more than her looks.

Catcallers interrupt a woman’s daily tasks like a commute,  jog around town, or a walk outside to meet friends. They interrupt a woman’s personal space, and threaten it



Lauren Fick

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