20 Reasons Why Brooke Davis is One of My Role Models

Brooke Davis is one of the most inspirational fictional characters to ever be created. She may not have gotten married and pregnant in high school, written a famous novel, or played on a pro basketball team, but she still manages to stand out above the rest of the “One Tree Hill” cast in her own way. She is strong, independent, and fierce while somehow at the same time being vulnerable, sensitive, and kindhearted. She exemplifies all the qualities that every girl wants to find in herself. She also shows us that even those considered the “most popular” or prettiest who seem to have it all together are actually just like you and me-real girls with real problems.

20. She was always true to herself and never compromised for anyone else.


19. She was THE best and truest friend that anyone could have had.


18. She gave the best relationship advice.


17. She wasn’t afraid to be blunt and always said what was on her mind.


16. Everyone always knew she was destined for greatness-even when she didn’t. 


15. She sometimes felt like she wasn’t good enough and questioned herself worth. But she learned to overcome stereotypes and inspired us all.


14. She learned to become confident in who she was and no longer needed boys to give her meaning.


13. She knew that clothes always came before guys (she even created her own fashion line based on it).


12. She then used her fashion line to endorse a positive body image for young women everywhere.


11. She may have been captain of the cheerleading squad but she wasn’t afraid to bust out some ridiculously goofy dance moves every now and then and just have fun.



Anna Cook

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