Who Says You Need To Drink in College? (2)

Anyone nervous about making friends in college should keep in mind that drinking doesn’t have to be the way to go about it. Each school offers so much to do where students can meet others with common interests: sports teams, greek life, clubs, or even just studying with people from class. Similarly, friendships and relationships rooted in connections made while sober tend to last longer and be more meaningful. At the same time, parties are a great way to meet your peers and you can always transfer the mindset of a friendly party atmosphere to other situations in life.


While drinking and parties often go hand in hand, I haven’t spent my time sitting alone in my room, avoiding any potential interaction with alcohol. I attend fraternity and apartment parties and have just as good a time, if not better, than my drinking counterparts. There tends to be less vomiting and fewer regretful hookups when one is sober. While some drunk and black-out stories can be funny to hear, I’d rather not have my own; I prefer to remember my nights out. Being sober also allows me to watch over my friends to make sure that they are safe throughout the night. I can hold my friend’s hair or keep away that creep that doesn’t know when to shut up. I can also avoid those who I know are trouble once they’ve had a few too many.



Jessica Rodriguez

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