What Your Favorite Holiday Says About You (2)

4. If Your Favorite Holiday is… 4th of July

The 4th of July is the holiday for those who are summertime spirits. If your MO is large parties by the lake or ocean, complete with BBQs and beer, America’s Independence Day is your number one celebration. I’m guessing you’re tan, look rockin’ in an American flag bathing suit or tank top, and have probably known how to drive a boat since the age of nine. All of this is only second to your real love, which are those brightly-colored glitter bombs we like to call… fireworks.

4th of july

3. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Halloween

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you probably have a bit of a dark side… and you love that about yourself. Nightmare Before Christmas is on your Top Ten Favorite Movies list. You are excellent and creative at picking costumes, you love the fantasy genre, and you genuinely like the taste of pumpkin seeds. Haunted houses? Horror movies? Bring ’em on! You love changing your appearance and tend to go all out on Halloween, temporary-dying your hair and all, if it means it will give the costume an edge. You probably have a sweet tooth, as well, because who wouldn’t? Free candy for the masses! And most importantly, you love what Halloween means, the start of the fall season, the start of the holiday season, and a chance to live in the magic of being anyone or anything you can imagine.


2. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday for those who love to eat. You see a turkey or think about stuffing and your mouth waters. Pumpkin pie is your favorite dessert… in fact, pumpkin everything is probably the way you live your life (and don’t even get us started on pumpkin spiced lattes). Thanksgiving lovers also have a closeness with their families, as Thanksgiving is a big family holiday… and they may be a bit bitter about that whole ‘Christmas taking over’ thing (and Black Friday, but I won’t even bring that up).


1. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Christmas

Those who love Christmas the most are eternally jolly individuals. Beginning the day after Halloween, Christmas music fills your iPod speakers like presents in Santa’s sleigh. You’re the first person with your gifts wrapped every year because you buy them all year long. You are also in line for Christmas trees the second Thanksgiving dinner is over. Christmas lights are an essential part of your winter decor, brightly illuminating your house inside and out. You probably have a Christmas list made out in the notes section on your phone — one for your presents and one for your gift ideas for others (both of which you update all year long). December 26th is your least favorite day of the year because the post-holiday depression is REAL… but hey. That’s the day it starts allllll over.


Jena Stephens

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