11 Types of People You Follow on Instagram

Instagram offers a great way to share your photos with all of your followers. The sleek design only allows users to post photos onto their profiles. While scrolling down your Insta-feed, you might be able to see that not all of the people you follow are alike. This list breaks down all of the different people that you follow on IG.

11. The One Who Is Super Artsy

This person’s Instagram is #goals to you. You wish that you could take such an artsy photo of a cup of coffee and get hundreds of likes.


10. The One Who Posts Too Many Selfies

Every time you’re scrolling down your feed, you see another selfie from this person. What happened to #SelfieSunday? This person posts a selfie almost everyday with a caption about how they take so many selfies.


9. The One Who Posts All of Their Food

You can’t unfollow this person because they are one of you’re friends. But every time you see their posts, you can’t help but wonder why they need to post all of their meals on the Internet.


8. The One Who Shows A Little Too Much (If You Know What I Mean)

Every photo that this person posts gets hundreds of likes. How? Well, it could be that their whole chest is exposed in every photo.


7. The One Who Posts Several Photos at a Time

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate having 4 photos in a row on my timeline that are posted by the same person. Was it necessary to post all of these photos from the same occasion?


6. The One Who Is Famous

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you probably follow your favorite celebrities on IG. This gives us another inside look of their lives.




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