The Top Sororities That Show The Most Respect

Sorority Life in general is something that is beautiful. A group of members come together as a community, nothing can beat love. One day we all wish the world could be the same as sorority life. The word “I” does not exist in a sorority community. The word “Life” should not include the letter “I.” Sorority Lyfe is a community that wants to help others and make the world a better place. We all know that fights are bound to happen between sorority sisters but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other. They still apologize and show respect towards one another(well at least sometimes). Anyhow below is a list of sororities that show the most respect towards members included in the chapter and people who don’t even belong in a sorority.

30. Alpha Omicron Pi

29. Alpha Epsilon Phi

28. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

27. Alpha Sigma Kappa

26. Alpha Sigma Tau

25. Delta Kappa Delta

24. Delta Phi Omega


23. Gamma Alpha Omega

22. Gamma Phi Beta

21. Kappa Alpha Theta

20. Kappa Delta

19. Sigma Kappa

18. Sigma Lambda Alpha

17. Lambda Theta Alpha

16. Theta Phi Alpha

15. Lambda Sigma Gamma

14. Chi Heorot

13. Delta Psi

12. Alpha Sigma

11. Alpha Kappa

10.Mu Alpha Phi

9.Gamma Rho Lambda

8. Pi Beta Phi

7. Kappa Kappa Gamma

6. Tri Delta

5. Kappa Phi Lambda

4. Chi Omega



3. Alpha Phi

2. Delta Delta Delta


1. Pi Beta Phi


Honorable Mention For These Lovely Sororities:

Alpha Xi Delta


Delta Phi Epsilon

Sigma Psi Zeta

Alpha Delta Chi

Phi Sigma Rho

Sigma Gamma Rho

Please comment below we would love to hear your thoughts about these beautiful sororities. If you feel that any sorority was missed out please comment or message us at [email protected] We love to hear your thoughts and we want the sorority community to be happy community!!  Thank you so much guys!!


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