Top Colleges Where Sorority Girls Have The Most School Spirit (6)

50. High Point University

49. University of Iowa

48. George Washington University

47. Fairfield University

46. Elon University

45. Depaul University

44. Coastal Carolina University

43. Loyola Marymount University

42. Northwestern University

41. UNLV

40. East Carolina University

39. Butler University

38. Ole Miss

37. San Diego State University

36. Arizona State University

35. California State University Fullerton

34. Indiana University

33. Syracuse University

32. Virginia Tech

31. Florida State University

30. Clemson University

29. TCU

28. University of Texas, Austin

27. UCSD

26. Brandeis University

25. Duke University

24. University of Wisconsin, Madison

23. College of Charleston

22. Auburn University

21. UC Santa Barbara

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