Top 8 Most Emotional Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy watching Netflix. For me, the reason I got Netflix was to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Ever since that, I’ve been hooked to the show. I feel like I am a doctor at, now, Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. If there’s one thing I know about Grey’s, it is that the creator, Shonda Rhimes, knows how to mess with my emotions. Here, to me, are the most emotional episodes of Grey’s Anatomy**Spoiler Alert**

8. Invest In Love [Season 6, Episode 8]

In this episode, I fell in love with Karev after seeing him kangaroo hold a baby all night to keep the baby stabilized.


7. Fear (Of The Unknown) [Season 10, Episode 24]– Christina Leaves

This episode brings an end to the dynamic duo of Christina and Meredith. This episode is the final episode that Christina appears in, after she decides to move away from Seattle.


6. As Tears Go By [Season 11, Episode 11]

In this episode, you get to see Jackson and April hold their baby who was born with brittle bone disease. They take their baby to get baptized, and the baby only lives for 43 minutes.


5. Didn’t We Almost Have It All? [Season 3, Episode 25]

Christina and Meredith are each other’s person, but in this episode, we see it truly come to life. This episode features Meredith ripping Christina out of her wedding dress after Dr. Burke leaves Christina at the alter.




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