The Top 50 Sororities Girls Wanted To Pledge The Most In 2014

Sororities Girls are the best, but which sororities did girls in 2014 really want to pledge the most for? Well, luckily after digging up some research, we have those answers for you! SHARE with your chapter to spread the word about the top sororities that girls wished to rush the most in 2014! Remember, no matter what ranking your sorority got, EVERY sorority is amazing!!!! We love and support sororities across the country.

Remember these few things while looking a these rankings ladies:

1. There is no such thing as a sorority that  is the “best” overall

2. Every Campus is different and so is every chapter of every sorority nationally

3. Every Greek woman is proud of her letters

Here are the top 50 sororities in america that girls wanted to pledge the most!

50) Sigma Lambda Upsilon ~  ΣΛΥ

49) Sigma Psi Zeta – ΣΨΖ

48) Delta Xi Phi ~ ΔΞΦ

47) Tau Beta Sigma ~ ΤβΣ

46) Alpha Sigma Tau ~ ΑΣΤ

45 ) Sigma Omega Phi ~ ΣΩΦ

44 ) Mu Epsilon Theta ~ ΜΕΘ

43 ) Sigma Sigma Sigma ~ ΣΣΣ

42 ) Kappa Delta Phi ~  ΚΔΦ

41 ) Delta Sigma Chi ~ ΔΣΧ

40) Delta Psi Delta ~ ΔΨΔ

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