Toilet Thoughts are the new Shower Thoughts

Sitting on the toilet has become a national pass time. Its quiet, peaceful, and somewhere you can actually think.  Toilet thoughts might even be better than shower thoughts. Who knows?

Oh man gotta poop! Let me quietly sneak away into the peaceful bathroom.

Gotta make sure I have my phone, tablet, laptop… okay maybe just my phone.

OH crap! Did I forget my phone? Good thing I have my handy shampoo bottle to read.

Why is the toilet seat always cold?

Is it better for it to be cold or warm?

Warm feels nice but then my butt is basically touching someone else’s butt.

Haha #Buttstuff2016

That should be the new presidential candidate!

Could you imagine cars driving around with butt stuff stickers

I really hope no one is listening to my poop splashes.

Ew I think my ass just got splashed. 

I might actually have to throw up in this toilet afterwards now.

No it’ll be okay just wipe it off.

Now that I’ve wished my friends happy birthday, time to read the news.

JK f*** the news. Time for some games.

Angry birds here I come.

Every has to have their secret toilet game.

Wow that sounded bad.

Do I have enough toilet paper?  yeah we’re good.

Why don’t I ever check that until half way through my poop.

I wish I was at my parents house, they always have super plush TP.

I think I’m done, but there is always that last little drop that takes forever to get out.


If I wipe now it’ll be gross, but I’m getting tired of sitting here.

There it goes!

Time to be done with this.

*Stands up, leg cramps*

What a beauty! *flush*

Please always remember to wash your hands!!!

Kelley Slabinski

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