To Women Everywhere: Stop Waiting for Prince Charming (2)

So freshmen year brought that epiphany, but honestly, I did the same thing again sophomore year.  I tried to use another man (equally as wrong for me if not more) to solve the issues and insecurities I had in my own life, and that one ended up a million times worst.  So there I was again, snuggling with my roommate on one side and a giant pile of kit kat wrappers on the other, crying into my pillow and I thought NEVER AGAIN.  Never again would I allow myself to be destroyed by a guy and never again would I expect someone else to solve my problems.

And that brings me to today, in my senior year, single and finally okay with myself.  Now I am not trying to tell you all that my life is easy or that I will never get that attached to someone again, but now I know that I can stand on my own.  I have worked on myself, by myself and have finally found a way to fix my problems permanently instead of using a man to temporarily cover them.

I spent a large portion of my life waiting for someone to come save me when that person was with me the whole time.  I was the only person who was able to save myself from the negativity and insecurity.  I wasted so much time being sad and trying to change myself when I did not need to.  I wish that I had realized sooner that I didn’t need anyone to give me something that they could not possibly give me.  And worst of all, when I gave someone the power to change my life, I could not take it back when they chose to change me negatively instead of positively.

Please take the advice of someone who has made the mistake one too many times, stop waiting for him to save you.  Save yourself.

Madison Norwich

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