To My and Every Big Out There

I love you. Your little(s) love you. More than a four letter word could even describe. In trying something new and writing something that hundreds of sorority women will read, I have one BIG shout out to make and I bet you guessed who it’s to.

There’s one girl who changed my life the second I met her. I just went through a tough 3 day recruitment (it sounds pleasant to have a shorter recruitment but it gets 10 times more rushed… get it?) and found my home just like that. It was pure insanity on bid day. My pledge class just doubled the size of my chapter! I was screaming and hugging people I have never met. I took pictures in front of giant glitter letters doing a weird thing with my hands, and had that glitter permanently in my room (Sorry new occupants of CSULB K-115, it’s all with love). In this madness of course I was going to snap chat it, it was the third week of school and I needed to show my high school friends that I’m meeting at least one person. So I just took a picture of the madness and BAM! There she was.

Photo Sep 09, 7 21 15 PM (2)

Like I said, madness all in pink shirts! And that girl who did a perfect photobomb that I still give props for to this day changed my life. I quickly saved the picture and we laughed, took a selfie because obviously, and then finally introduced ourselves. By the end of the night we had each other’s number and were texting the next day. Then she took me to my first night or fraternity party hopping that weekend. I was hooked. Just like that I found someone that I knew nothing was going to split us up. That was even before I had time to think about a big sis.

By the time the lists for big sisters came around I freaked out. I already knew I loved this girl in a scary way. Like everyone I’m scared of commitment and freaked out and actually didn’t put her as my number one (Because she was a junior so I’d only have two years with her? Because I was scared she wouldn’t want me? Because I’m just crazy? All of the above?). The next day I woke up and hated myself. That’s when I KNEW she needed to be mine and I thought I messed everything up.

Time came along for our anonymous big sister page to terrorize communicate with the new members and I truly had no idea. Then clues came along and with subtle things I got hopes of “could it really be her?!” like talking about the sandals I never take off. After my first clue we had lunch and she treated me to it, and sadly informed me that she wasn’t getting a little and was so upset about it. There is nothing worse you could hear your number one say.

Days pass and I still talk to her with skepticism in every message and my Sherlock cap on. In my school basically everyone has a Disneyland pass, but one day I knew she was going to Disneyland with her boyfriend and that night the big sis page messaged me. Eager as always I quickly responded and something was different, I saw that it was sent from Anaheim (gotcha biggie 😉 ). My heart flew and I ran to tell my roommate who somehow knew that was my big and had a smug smile on her face.

A few days later was the big/lil reveal and finally she was mine! I got to get her out of a box with my wonderful twin and she was there. I could officially call her my big. I don’t know if I’m ever going to meet someone, much less a guy in such a cute and memorable way.

Basically what I’m trying to say is…

  • I love you biggie, more than you will ever know
  • A reminder to the bigs out there that your littles will always hate you for lying to them, but will obviously forgive you every single day and not trade you for the world!
  • A reminder to the littles to send a little lovin’ your big’s way!



Here’s to you,

Here’s to me,

And here’s to every perfect big and little out there



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