18 Thoughts You Have After Binge-Watching Netflix All Day

We’ve all done it. You have a million different things you absolutely MUST get done. But instead of dealing with all of your responsibilities, you push them off to the next day and turn on the TV to your Netflix. Life of a procrastinator. But sometimes when we have so many things going on and we’re super stressed out, we just need a break. A distraction. We need to just lay on the couch with our bag of chips and binge-watch 24 episodes of some show about vampires all day. It makes us feel better at the time. But then after we realize what we’ve done, we find ourselves questioning just what we are doing with our lives. Don’t freak out. We all do it. We all survive it. But here are some crazy thoughts that go through our heads right after we commit the “Netflix sin.”

18. wow what time is it?


17. No way, my clocks not right.


16. OMG IT REALLY IS 11:42pm.


15. how did it get that late???


14. I can’t believe I’ve really been laying here ALL day.


13. I had so much stuff I NEEDED to do.


12. I thought I had only watched a few episodes..


11. But one would end and then another would start..


10. I didn’t even have a chance to realize what was happening.



Anna Cook

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