Thoughts When Paying Dues (2)

What is this extra charge for? CLEANING FEE? I didn’t even make a mess at that formal!

Your mind flashes back to a hazy recollection of the bus ride back from your last event with your besties.


Okay, maybe that one’s fair.

UGH, THIS IS SO MUCH MONEY. You start typing in your credit card number, nonchalantly, like if you don’t look at it, maybe it’s not real.


“Are you sure you want to make this payment?” NO, WEBSITE, I’M NOT SURE. LET ME THINK IT OVER.

tina fey

You unwillingly hit yes and feel as if you’re losing life energy instead of dollars from your bank account.


Still, a weight is lifted off your shoulders! Next month, you swear to budget your extra charges better and save money so it’s less of a surprise!


You probably won’t though.

Jena Stephens

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