Thoughts At A Frat Party

Going to fraternities are fun. Most sorority girls go to them, myself included. Whether it is your favorite house or the bottom house, you always have fun. And you always look good. But for the things racing through your head when you’re at a frat, here’s a list.

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

20. Is this outfit okay?

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

19. Do I look good?

18. The floor is so sticky.
Thoughts At A Frat Party

17. This party better have good alcohol. None of that plastic crap.
booze 2

16. I’m gonna get so turnt tonight.

15. OMG we have to dance.
Sorority Lyfe

14. Where’s the beer pong?
beer pong

13. This playlist is horrible!
music sucks

12. That guy is making me thirsty.

11. I’m not drunk enough.
drunk more

10. What is that girl doing?
side eye

9. This tastes like cough syrup.

8. I better be careful about the drinks.

7. It’s so loud in here.

6. It’s so hot in here.

5. My feet are hurting. Need more alcohol.

4. Oh she’s wasted. Better go take care of her.
oh no

3. Shots, shots, shots.

2. We looks so hot.
hot hot hot

1. I need food!
taco bell


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