This New Dating App Allows You To Go On Dates With A Wingman By Your Side

What we’ve all been waiting for: Double is the new dating app that’s like Tinder with your wingman by your side!

Let’s face it, dating is stressful and awkward. With the aim of making dating fun again, the location-based dating app Double (think Tinder, but for double dates) will nurse the dating wound in your life… and your friends’ too! This is because Double allows you to pair up with friends and scout other pairs of friends to date. This limits the possible awkwardness and if the date doesn’t go so well, you still have your best friend to go through the ordeal without having to resort to text every few minutes. THIS IS WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: Tinder, with your wingman by your side!

The App has been taking London by storm and is now set to launch in the States conveniently in time for Valentine’s Day!

Picture this: you come across two cool guys that are pretty funny in the group chat. You and your BFF decide they make the cut and arrange a date. Gone are the days you have to bask in the awkward silence of a first date; you’re sure to have conversation coming from all directions (4 to be precise). What tops it off is that you have your BFF to make the full assessment of your respective date – in real time! Awesome!

Need more convincing? We’ve come up with 4 reasons why you should try Double:


Imagine Catfish without Nev and Max with you. We don’t wanna risk that now do we?



You’re probably crazy and the likelihood is your best friend is too. You don’t need to hold back and you can bounce off your pal and FINALLY be yourself at a date. It’ll work both ways and it just eases the pressure for everyone. Time to channel double the fabulousness

giphy (2)

giphy (1)


You AND your BFF could find the love of your life at the same time! And if this fails, you’re both guaranteed a fun time anyway without having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to report to each other!

giphy (3)



And obviously, it’s less awkward. Like come on, you have your wingman with you, if that’s not a confidence booster, you need new friends.

giphy (4)

So there we have it. We’re so feeling Double right now and we reckon you should give it a try too so #joindouble! Double is available to download for iPhone and Android. Check it out now!

Jessica Rodriguez

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