Things Sorority Girls Are Tired of Hearing

By: Megan Warhurst @megylouisee

1) You’re in a sorority? But you’re not the typical sorority girl!

Girls Are Tired of Hearing

Sorority Lyfe


Well I’m pretty sure I went through rush, pledged, and initiated. So yea, I AM in a sorority. And what do you mean by “typical sorority girl”? A girl who’s nice? Caring? Loves giving back to her philanthropy? Being in a sorority doesn’t mean you’re a certain type of girl! Girls of every kind can be sisters.

2) Wait, so do you get hazed?


No, no, no, no, no. Never once have me or any of my sisters been hazed! You wouldn’t ever hurt family, so you never hurt sisters. Greek life and most universities have adopted a serious no hazing policy. The horror stories you hear on the news and from movies are not, and never will be part of my sisterhood.

3) So, you’re like super rich right?


This question always makes me laugh. There will be well off people at college no matter what, and not all of them are in Greek life! I know sisters who work 2 jobs to pay for dues and extra expenses, they work hard to contribute to the national organization and to our sisterhood. Most girls do not have loaded parents, or fancy things. For the most part we’re normal girls. PS: There’s nothing a sorority girl loves more than a great deal!

4) Do you party every night?


Nope! My normal night usually consists of studying, Netflix, and wishing I was married to Harry Styles. While I do love a good Theme party, I take my studies very seriously! I feel like everyone seems to forget the Greek organizations have strict academic guidelines, and not making the grade can mean major consequences. Sororities are about making yourself a better person, and a smarter one too!

5) Well you’re basically paying for your friends!


*sighs* No, actually, I’m not. I pay dues to keep my chapter’s house running, to fund events, and to give to our national philanthropy. By paying dues, by no means are you required to do the following:

a) Answer your phone at 3 AM when a sister is crying over a boy.

b) Help a sister cram for hours on end, even though you’re busy.

c) Pick a sister up in the middle of the night when she’s stranded.

d) Be there for your sisters no matter where, when, or how far.

These are all done out of sisterly love, not from paying dues. When you join a Greek organization, you are joining a group of girls with the same ideals, all striving for the same goals. It is the shared interests and bonds that create friendship, not money!



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