The Stages of a Frat Party As Told By Disney (2)

Unfortunately, it’s downhill from here. It’s past the point of too many drinks. Kelly saw her ex with another girl and is upset. Melissa just threw up. And you can’t find Ashley.


The party is wrapping up. It’s time to wrangle all of the tipsy and drunk friends. Have you found everyone? It’s a good idea to call your driver to get you all home, or at least to the next venue, safe and sound.


After party? Those of you who can still stand up straight move on to the next party to keep the night going strong.


It’s (finally) time to head home. Again, you should opt to walk or find a safe ride back home, or where ever you will be sleeping tonight.


Bed time. No pillow has ever felt softer and the blankets feel as soft as silk. Take a load off and let your self drift to sleep. (Pro-tip: If drunk you can handle it, set out a bottle of water or Gatorade. You’ll thank yourself later.)


The next morning. Whether you are waking up in a stranger’s bed, tucked into your best friend’s bed, or on the floor next your own, chances are that your morning might be pretty rough. Hit that snooze button, no one will blame you.

wakeup wakeup2 wakeup3


Jessica Rodriguez

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