The Spice Girls As Your Best Friends

To me the Spice Girls are probably the most underrated girl group ever. They didn’t have a bunch of records put out or a clothing line started, yet they probably had the most variety in a group whether it was planned or not. With all this variety in a group makes it easy for someone to compare their own squad to this British pop one.

Posh Spice

Posh Spice was the girl who was always up to date on the latest fashion trends. She best represents the friend that always has her hair and makeup done along with wearing the most stylish threads that anyone has seen. Whether she has the money or not, home girl finds a way to come up with the most desired looks. Just like Posh Spice she is content with relaxing in the background as long as she knows that she is looking H-O-T!

posh spiceScary Spice

This girl is the one that lives up to the Scary Spice name. Style wise, she is a risk taker, wearing all the neon colors along with the loudest of shoes and the wildest hair styles. Personality wise she is the definition of an extrovert. Meaning that she is the first one to speak out about anything good or bad, just like Mel B who takes lead vocals every now and again.¬†She is very outside the box and is a live in the moment kind of gal. When the SnapChat is pulled out she doesn’t smile oh no ma’am, she’ll stick out her tongue and own that signature pose. She is so outgoing that it is a little bit intimidating until you get to know her.

Scary spice


Angie Carmouche

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