The Spice Girls As Your Best Friends (2)

Baby Spice

The baby Spice of the squad will probably be the youngest of the group or maybe she’s the ditsy one as well. She is the innocent one and is all about the glass being half full. She finds the positive in any negative situation. Yes she might be annoying or overwhelming at some momentsĀ  but at the end of the day she means well. When you see the Baby Spice of the squad se always brings a light to the room or situation.

baby spiceSporty Spice

This girl right here is not afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to playing sports. She is the first one to volunteer for any sport as well. In addition to playing sports this friend is down with watching the latest game with the guys and a cold beer in her hand. This friend is always seen wearing sweat pants or joggers and she sprints away from frilly things, she is the definition of a tomboy. The most dressed up that you have seen her is a fitted dry fit and LuLu Lemon yoga pants and the latest Nike’s. Just like Sporty Spice this friend likes to kick it into high gear with her energy and competitiveness to get to the top 10.

sporty spiceGinger Spice

Ginger Spice is the ultimate British supporter. Try comparing it to a Texas girl who was born and raised in the dirty South. Her truck is lifted with a big Texas flag on the back window, every other shirt in her closet has something to do with how the South raised her or how every Friday its a football night. along with Ginger this proud home town girl has the teased hair to prove it. Ginger is the bombshell red head who is spunky and is ready to have fun. no matter what color hair your best friend has her and Ginger are long lost sisters.

ginger spice

Angie Carmouche

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