The Real Reasoning Behind The “Sorority Squat”


The Sorority Squat— the basic ‘Insta ready’ sorority pose.

But, what does it really mean? What does the sorority squat actually mean besides a great picture?

A sorority is much more than the social media ‘likes’. Joining a sorority takes a certain type of woman. A woman who displays commitment. For those of you who are reading this who are not in greek life, yes, joining a sorority does take up a lot of your time. Every week there are meetings, planning, events, and sisterhoods. Certain days can be long with so many different things going on, but we do it because we are committed. Women of greek life are driven to work their hardest and do absolutely nothing less than their best. Sure, there can be nights where you don’t get home earlier than 10:30. Yes, there are mornings that you wake up at the crack of dawn to fulfill a community service. That’s part of the commitment. Thats who we are and what we stand for— a group of committed, dedicated women.



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What in the fuck? Was this written 10 minutes before class started? Did you notice that what you wrote has jack and fuck to do with your title?

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