The Life of A Starbucks Addict

The life of a Starbucks addict is full of flavor and low on funding. You wake up craving those sweet, deliciously overpriced caffeinated beverages like they’re the elixir of life. $300 a month is fine to spend on coffee, right?




Here’s to you, Starbucks lovers, and all the things you know to be true in life.


15. When you notice money left on your Starbucks app and secretly thank past you for the best kind of present.



14. Or the internal celebration you throw when the new holiday specials are released.



13. …and obviously, you have to try all of them before ordering your favorite 100 times.



12. You know to always lick the whipped cream off the top of your Frappachino before sticking the straw in.



11. And you gorge on cranberry bliss bars in the¬†nonjudgmental sanctuary that is your driver’s seat.



10. There’s also that one breakfast item that you love and probably order way too often.



9. And the silent thanks you send to the coffee fates when the barista forgets to scan your coupon, so you get to use it twice.

I win


8. Speaking of coupons, can we just mention the FREE BIRTHDAY DRINK?



Jena Stephens

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