The Life of a College Student Told By Meghan Trainor (2)

7. “Yeah, my mom thinks you’re legit But I’m way too young for this” to the boy that perfect nice boy you will probably marry but can’t be with in college.
6. “And I’m a classy girl I’m a hold it up You full of something but it ain’t love” to your boyfriend during an argument… he needs to know you are great and he isn’t.
5. “And you pulled me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone” to your ex who never gave you closure.
4. “She’ll never know That I’ve made him better for her” to your exes new girlfriend… little does she know.
3. “But don’t blow up my shit at 3 AM saying, ‘”How you need me now”‘ to all of the boys looking for booty calls.
2. “I know It’s so wrong Somebody take away my phone Cause I been drinking all night long” to your sober friend to stop you from texting your ex from the bar.
1. “Well, my daddy knows I’m a good girl We all make mistakes in the drunk world” to your roommate, trying to justify your actions the morning after a crazy night out.
Madison Norwich

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