The Jennifer Lawrence/Amy Schumer Pairing is What We’ve Been Waiting For (2)

Personal girl-crushes aside, the pair are sure to write a hilarious script, full of awkward, honest one-liners and bold female moments; their accomplishments and presentation label them as front-runners for the new wave of strong female actresses.


In fact, Schumer has been named 2015’s Trailblazer at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards, during which she proudly noted her weight and ability to grab a man anytime she wants, all within the same sentence. (Watch the full video HERE).

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Amongst numerous other achievements, A-list star, Jennifer Lawrence, became a Chideo Celebrity Ambassador this past year to help raise money for the Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund, which gives support to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

They are role models for women and young girls, proudly being themselves and using their hilarious personalities – not their sensuality- to bring themselves into stardom. Comedians, best friends, advocates for female progression. Keep trailblazing, ladies. We’re all behind you.

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Jena Stephens

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