The BEST Types of Friends A College Student Can Ask For

It’s not a surprise that we all have friends. They are our rock. The are our comfort. If you really think about it, have you ever asked yourself what types of friends you have? Have you ever wondered if they are the BEST types of friends? Check out this list to find out:

10. The Joker

They always get you laughing and peeing your pants.



9. The Mamma Bird

Literally, they can be your second mom. Or your third mom. They just have those motherly characteristics that we all need at times to keep us leveled.



8. The Bookworm Motivation

Sometimes, they don’t even need to say anything to you. If you see them studying or hear about them studying, it makes you want to start studying just a little more. They are our motivation.



7. The Free-Spirited

This friend likes to make you step out of your comfort zone. God, what an inspiration. We all need a friend like this one for sure.



6. The Dirty-Minded One

The “that’s what she said” type. They just always get you smiling and know when inappropriate times are necessary.




Tenzin Tsephel

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