The BEST Types of Friends A College Student Can Ask For (2)

5. The Long Lost Twin

You guys are literally the same. Everything they do? You do. Sometimes, people get you guys mixed up. Yup. It’s that good.


4. The Life of the Party

This friend knows all the hook ups and connections you need to get at parties for a fun night out. You need this friend.


3. The “Indiana Jones”

They like to travel. They like to be cultured. Everytime they come back from a trip they have amazing stories to share–it makes you want to become more adventurous too!


2. The Chill Pill

Not feeling the party mood tonight? Why not hit up your friend who likes to just chill! They are always there if you just need a laid back sort of day/night.


1. The Gossip Girl

This person knows all the dirty deets and 411 about everyone and everything. You need this kind of friend to keep you entertained.


Aren’t our friends just great!?

Tenzin Tsephel

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