The 18 Stages of Having An Annoying Uber Driver (2)

(13.) You see him and all you can do is pray and hope he isn’t going to murder you before you get the chance to get home and clear your browser history.

(12.) Your Uber driver will act like he really really cares about your well-being by offering water, candy, a phone charger, the whole shebang, but everyone knows they’re just after that 5-star rating. 

(11.) You hope your Uber driver will have enough sense to turn on some good music without having to instruct him, but he turns on some talk show radio station that makes the entire car ride feel 10 times more awkward.

(10.) You’re sitting in the back seat praying that your Uber driver is the silent type who prefers to just listen to the radio and mind his own business, until you hear the radio volume get lower as the Uber driver begins to try to be your friend for a 5-star rating.


Jacey Calle

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