The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends (2)

12. Boys have a unique taste in music and television, probably because of their perpetual 12-year-old humor… and they share it with you (and make fun of you for not knowing it, already). It’s like gaining a whole new world of information.


11. They have hot friends and give you the best build up to them, making you two the best choice for being each other’s wingman (or wing-woman!)


10. Similar to when you can tell them when their GF is being crazy, they can also tell you when YOU might be slightly overreacting to whatever your BF said in a text that one time, that you’re still probably mad about.


9. Automatic date for all awkward family events, if for no other reason than to avoid the bombardment of marriage questions from your great aunt.


8. You can eat whatever you want around them. Because who cares?! You’re not trying to date them, anyway!


7. They’re helpful with moving heavy objects.
Looking at you, college dorm furniture.



Jena Stephens

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