The 10 Worst Girls You Know (2)

5. The “Awkward on Purpose” Girl

Unless you’re Zooey Deschanel, the giant fake glasses and ‘oops I did something awkward, better make it look quirky’ bit is played out. Next.


4. Boy Crazy Bestie

She will be your best friend until her boyfriend is available. Or the guy at the bar. Or her hot lab partner. Or you know, anyone with a Y-chromosome.

cute guy

3. The Girl Whose Life is Perfect

Let’s be real… this girl is hated on for no real reason. She’s perfect, and you’re jealous. She’s gorgeous and her little family is adorable and she bakes like Betty freaking Crocker in heels and pearls, while you’re over here like:


2. The Gossip Queen

We all do it, to some extent. But this girl always knows what’s going on and spreads it like wild-fire. There’s a difference in venting to a close friend and telling everyones secrets to the world. Beware of the loose-lipped gossiper in your circle.


1. Girls Who Pretend to be Stupid for Attention

Somewhere in society’s twisted relationship evolution, this became a thing. Please, take a step backward for feminism. You quite literally look like an idiot, stop it.


Jena Stephens

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