The 10 Stages of Falling in Friend-Love (2)

5. Personal boundaries stop existing.

You guys become so comfortable with each other so quickly that literally nothing is off the table.

4. You learn that the same things bother you.

Maybe you both hate to be touched. Or the same girl makes you both want to bang your head against a brick wall. Common enemies, whatever they may be, bring you even closer.

3. Social media.

She says something funny and you HAVE to tweet it, but you don’t follow her on twitter since you literally just became friends. So you follow her. You guys take a cute pic and you can’t wait to post it on instagram. And the pattern continues.

2. Harassing her to hang out with you. Constantly.

You know you’re being weirdly needy and possibly very annoying. You don’t care. All you want is to hang. Coffee? Ice cream? Trip to kroger? If it involves a car, you can turn it into an excuse to invite her out.

1. Inseparability.

You rarely see one of you with out the other. You include them in all of your plans. She loves you as much as you love her. Welcome to the friend-love fam.

Rachel Jackson

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