The 10 Different Types of Cliques In Your Sorority (2)

5.) The “I Never Thought I’d Be In A Sorority” Girls – This friend group will probably be the odd one out. They are a little “quirkier” than some of the other girls in your sorority, but they know it, and like it that way. They don’t look like a typical sorority girl, and their friends and classmates would never guess they were in one if they weren’t wearing letters. But, despite how they look or dress, they love their sorority and wouldn’t change it for the world.

4.) The Alcoholics – These girls are the trouble makers of the sorority. This group of friends single-handedly run the local bars and while they may miss a class or two, they have a perfect tailgate attendance record. When Exec announces that no pre-gaming for certain events is allowed, everyone knows it’s this clique that they’re really talking to.

3.) The Rich Girls – Some girls are born beautiful, some are born smart, and some are born luckiest of all: Rich. These girls love to stick together, whether it’s for sporadic shopping sprees or for spontaneous trips to Bali. You’ll often catch yourself staring in envy at these girls when they casually wear this season’s latest designer clothing items to socials or grab-a-dates.

2.) The Frat-Lovers – Most girls join a sorority for sisterhood, but some girls join for … well, a brotherhood. Sometime’s it’s a specific frat they love, and sometimes they don’t discriminate and love any boy in letters. These cliques often have their own group chats with fraternities so they can always remind them how much they’re obsessed with them, and they’re more often found at a frat house than at they’re own house. They may not be the best at the whole “sisterhood” thing, but at least they keep fraternity-sorority relations good.

1.) The “She’s Still In This Sorority?” Girls – Maybe they have a heavy class load, maybe most of their friends aren’t in Greek life, or maybe they just prefer chilling at home to being social, but for whatever reason, these girls are hardly ever around. Your Exec board would probably have a heart attack if these girls actually showed up to chapter. The only time you might catch a glimpse of these rare creatures is during meal plan, when even the girls who go ghost all the time sneak in for a well-cooked meal every once in a while.

Jacey Calle

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