Signs you go to school in Worcester

Ahhhh the dirty Woo. While every college city has its unique traits, if you go to school in Worcester, you know these things are true.

One day its 60 degrees, the next it snows.

You don’t think there is “a lot of snow” on the ground if its less than 2 feet.

And you sure as hell aren’t getting a day off if there isn’t a complete shutdown of the state.

There is nothing better at 2 am than Wings Over Worcester.

You know more than 3 people who went to the Donald Trump rally to be “ironic”.

Don’t drink the tap water.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times in one of the ugliest cities.

You don’t consider it cold until the temperature is negative.

Your apartment is so old it casually tilts to one side.

You pick either State or Austin Liquors, but never both.

You don’t understand how the summer can be so hot with a winter this cold.

You know you can get literally anywhere using 290.

The Pike refers to the Mass Pike refers to the worst highway system in the world.

You have been to Gold Star diner more than once on a hungover Saturday.

You’ve either become a pro at driving in the snow or a pro at avoiding it.

It breaks your heart every time you remember the Worcester Sharks are gone.

You’ve taken some form of transportation out of Union Station before.

You used to think you would casually go into Boston on the weekends, and now you realize that was a lie.

At some point in your life you have eaten on Shrewsbury Street.

You are more than excited that the bridge leading to Chipotle is finally done.

You make bets as to when the road construction will finally end (its never).

You’ve ranked your school against every other school in this city.

You were appalled by the notion that you live in a college town.

At least once you were afraid to walk alone at night.

When you told your friends/family you were coming here they made a snide remark about safety.

You’ve told yourself you want to go to the Worcester Arts Museum, and still haven’t been.

Your heart was crushed by the closing of Wooberry for the season.

You’ve spent longer than 3 months straight wearing your snow boots, and no one judged because they did the same thing.

You realize the snow is only pretty for 30 mins, and then it completely turns dirty.

You’ve made some of the best friends at the best schools in the state.

You’ve been to a frat party at WPI, because they’re the only school that has them.

You may not live in glamour, but this city is home in some strange way.

You miss the sounds of sirens and yelling when you’re home all summer.


You loving refer to it as the Dirty Woo