10 College Norms That Are Actually Really Weird

Nothing will ever be like college. You really don’t realize how strange our habits are until you look at them like this…

10. Recruitment. We all wear the same outfit. We bounce and cheer in these random girls’ faces and hope that entices them to join our sisterhood. We have insanely intricate rotation systems and processes to vet girls… all in one short weekend.

9. Ending up at Taco Bell more than one night a week. Out of all the food options you have and all the places you could possibly be, why is it that you’re waiting on the TBell line more often than you’re proud of?

8. Setting alarms for 17 minute naps. College students just don’t have time management skills. Or motivation. We literally would rather torture ourselves by going in and out of sleep instead of actually just studying and then going to sleep. The ultimate form of procrastination.

7. Pregaming in the shower. There’s just not enough time between sleeping ALL day and when the Uber arrives for me to look completely on point AND be plastered for the frat party. Girls multi-task all the time.

6. Going to a stranger’s house for a party. But Sarah knows Kelly who knows Michelle who knows someone who knows one of the guys who’s in that frat.



Weird Things We Are All Guilty of Doing

Let’s face it, we’re all weird. What’s even more weird is that we all do the same, old weird things. You think you’re the only one? Think again!


10. We sign our names multiple times in a fancy way in preparation for Hollywood.

Who knows, you might get famous some day! At least you know your signature will be on point.


9. We self-diagnose ourselves.

You start coughing like a mad person. What do you do? You Google the symptoms, treatments, and cures for that s***.


8. We see how many tasks we can get done within one microwave meal.

*sets the microwave for 30 seconds* *starts running around like a maniac to see what you can accomplish before the time runs out*


7. We wait for a specific amount of time before texting back our crush.

“Well, yeah he’s hot–but I can’t look too desperate. I have to wait, so it will look like I’m busy and have a life ya know?”


6. We keeping checking the refrigerator as if something new is going to show.

“Nope. Nothing new. I’ll just check again in like…5 minutes.”




30 Times You Were Ted From HIMYM

If you’re a fan of the show How I Met Your Mother, then you’re very familiar with the beloved character that is Ted Mosby. Ted is a cute, witty, and extremely lovable character who has his fair share of relatable moments. Whether embarrassing or heart-breaking, or maybe just down right weird. I think we can all relate to this “legendary” character.

30. When you’re crying and someone asks if you’re on your period.


29. When you’ve been holding on to the past for too long and finally decide to let it go.

i live in the moment

28. When you proclaim bacon as your true love.

her name is bacon

27. When you spend too much time with that one friend who always misuses the word “literally”.


26. When your roommates boyfriend just broke up with her and you have to pull a Nicholas Sparks speech.

love is the best thing

25. When you’re feeling super confident and get a little sassy with friends.

your name is robin

24. When you have to try to talk yourself into doing something really stupid.

taking chances

23. After you do the something stupid.

drunk ted

22. When you’re trying to think positively about your Chemistry class and then you look at your grades.

i cant do this

21. After you bomb a huge test.




Confessions of a Shy Freshman- How My Sorority Changed Me for the Better

By the end of high school, I had about four close friends. I’d always had a hard time making friends and been scared to talk in class. Meeting new people was very awkward and overwhelming for me. I have a very good memory and some people think it’s weird, so I would always wait for people to greet me before I’d say hello. A lot of people that I went to high school thought I was stuck up, when really, I was just painfully shy. Because of this, I chose a small college far away from my hometown. This way I could get the chance to start over, and start the school year off more confidently.
Freshman year, I lived on a sorority floor with a few other freshman, so I had already met most of the girls in that sorority when people started talking about the impending rush date. I had to walk around with no makeup, with tangled bed head, and no bra with the people that could potentially be deciding my fate with their sorority. Obviously that freaked me out. I had come out of my shell a little thanks to freshman orientation and the friends I had already met, but I was still very shy. I would walk past the older sorority girls and avoid all eye contact partly because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see who they were, but mostly just because of my terrible shyness.
So not surprisingly, during rush, the girls knew who I was but didn’t know anything about me. My friends had made lasting impressions on the girls because they are more outgoing and it’s easier for them to open up, but I had a much harder time showing everyone who I really was. I would let girls in my rush group speak over me, because I didn’t want to be rude and wasn’t bold enough to say what I had to say. This not only made me seem quiet, but it also made me seem uninterested. To this day, girls in my sorority tell me about how they thought I didn’t like them. I did like them, in fact, I wanted to be a member of their sorority, but I was too awkward and shy to express this.
I’ve always had a problem with showing people the “real me” right away, because deep down, I am a really strange person and no one has ever really gotten to see that and end up accepting it and staying except my family and a few close friends. Luckily, I joined a sorority that consists of a pack of stone-cold weirdos. These girls are seriously extremely weird once you get to know them, but I love it. Not only do these girls have similar personalities and senses of humor as I do, but they are also the most accepting group of people I have ever gotten to know. It took some time for me to open up to everyone, but when I did, I was welcomed with open arms. I wouldn’t exactly say my sorority “changed” me, as the title of this article suggests, but I will say that the acceptance of this group of girls has made me much more confident with who I am. I no longer fear how people will react to my odd personality or awkwardness, because I know I have about 100 girls in my corner no matter what these people think of me. The girls of Delta Chi Theta have taught me so much about courage and confidence in this short period I have been a member. They taught me to be myself, because who cares what others think as long as you’re fine with who you are. I not only gained sisters on bid day, I also gained a support system that would eventually push me to be confident in my own skin. I can’t express how much I am thankful to be a member of this sorority that, in a sense, changed me for the better.
Here’s to all my ladybugs,