Going Out as Told By the Real Housewives

After a long week of classes you are ready to let lose and have some fun with your friends. These nights can sure be memorable, or not. The Real Housewives understand us and our needs. They are basically like our drunk spirit animal.

11.  How you say you’re feeling…

10. What you’re actually thinking 

9. You’re ready for a night on the town

8. At the pregame your friends are like

7. You’re so excited when you get to the party and they’re playing “your song”

6. Later in the night, everything is the end of the world and you end up crying on the floor



A Thank You Letter to the Weekends

Dearest weekends,

Oh the hours that I count down to get to you! Yet the question remains, why are you so far away? Us college kids adore you more than you know. We go strong all week starting on the dreadful Monday, just studying our little hearts out. Once we study all week just so we can let our hair down and show you a good time when you come to town. Thank you for being something constant in the life of a college student. Yet your job isn’t as easy as we all live it up to be. Your days and nights are always booked. From hosting college games ranging from football to volleyball and all the tailgates that go with them. At night you show us what all the hard work that we are doing is going to pay off as you allow us to blow off steam and be carefree. Therefore we call you Saturday. Your twin isn’t so bad either, if I say so myself. We know her as the day of rest, something gentle yet nurturing. Her name is Sunday and she allows us to recuperate and do the things that all college students love to do and that is sleep. We sleep all day and only leave our beds in order to get food, thank you for allowing us to live such luxurious lives.  Then Sunday Funday brings goodbye as the sun goes down and the slight reminder in the back of our heads that Monday is right around the corner so for that weekend I thank you!up-next-page