20 Things To Remember Before You Send An E-mail

So many of us are bombarded by warnings about using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and even Tinder. People go as far as to make rules about what you can and can’t post for your chapter. But no one ever warns you about what you send via e-mail. But this is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of communication. My chapter could have been disqualified from Greek Week for an e-mail sent from one girl. You never know what is going to happen so be smart. Just remember to have all these thoughts before you send that e-mail, whether its to your mom, your sorority, or even a professor.

20. Spell everything correctly. No one will take you seriously if you misspell words

19. Make sure the situation requires and e-mail. If something can be done over text it makes everyone’s life easier

18. Know who else you are representing in your message. Whether its your sorority, a club, your school, or the USA



Toilet Thoughts are the new Shower Thoughts

Sitting on the toilet has become a national pass time. Its quiet, peaceful, and somewhere you can actually think.  Toilet thoughts might even be better than shower thoughts. Who knows?

Oh man gotta poop! Let me quietly sneak away into the peaceful bathroom.


Gotta make sure I have my phone, tablet, laptop… okay maybe just my phone.


OH crap! Did I forget my phone? Good thing I have my handy shampoo bottle to read.


Why is the toilet seat always cold?


Is it better for it to be cold or warm?

Warm feels nice but then my butt is basically touching someone else’s butt.


Haha #Buttstuff2016

That should be the new presidential candidate! 


Could you imagine cars driving around with butt stuff stickers

I really hope no one is listening to my poop splashes.

Ew I think my ass just got splashed. 

I might actually have to throw up in this toilet afterwards now.


No it’ll be okay just wipe it off.

Now that I’ve wished my friends happy birthday, time to read the news.


JK f*** the news. Time for some games.


Angry birds here I come.

Every has to have their secret toilet game.


Wow that sounded bad.

Do I have enough toilet paper?  yeah we’re good.


Why don’t I ever check that until half way through my poop.

I wish I was at my parents house, they always have super plush TP.


I think I’m done, but there is always that last little drop that takes forever to get out.


If I wipe now it’ll be gross, but I’m getting tired of sitting here.


There it goes!


Time to be done with this.

*Stands up, leg cramps*


What a beauty! *flush*


Please always remember to wash your hands!!!


Daily Thoughts That Do Not Make You a Bad Person

As a college student, I find myself thinking some pretty strange and pretty terrible things on a daily basis. Sometimes these thoughts become words, but most of the time I question my sanity for thinking them and move on. While they might be some bad thoughts, I am not a bad person, and thinking/saying these don’t automatically make you bad. There are somethings that happen that deserve some pretty bad thoughts.

Here’s a list of thoughts most people have daily that aren’t as bad as you think:

10) I hate everyone.


You may just be having a bad day, you might hate like 3 people so it is just easier to generalize. Its totally okay to hate everyone.

9) Everyone just needs to STFU.


Again you’re probably having a terrible day, and there’s that stupid group of people yelling in the library as loud as possible. While you’re not a bad person, you’re probably a hungover person. Make sure you stay hydrated while telling people to pipe down.

8) Stop talking to me.


Along with STFU, its just one of those days, you just want to be left alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel bad for keeping your head down, and quickly walking back to your room.

7) I would sacrifice you for a coffee. 


That magic time of the morning before you had your coffee. You shouldn’t be expected to be nice, especially when someone is just down right too much. Its normal to want to sacrifice someone for coffee. You need the nectar of life, and are willing to do anything for it. Alright this one might just be me…

6) Can the proffessor just cancel class today?


I get it, I paid a disgusting amount of money to attend class every day, but like, can’t he just take a day off? Really? Doesn’t he understand the need for me to lay in bed all day because I got too drunk last night?



10 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching the VS Fashion Show

Every year in December, the day every girl has been waiting for all year comes around. Although it’s filmed in early November, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always airs in December every year. In 2014, 9.1 million people tuned in to watch this 1 hour long televised fashion show. If you ask me, there’s no reason every capable human being shouldn’t be tuning in, who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of girls walk around half-naked, if you’re a guy, or see the newest things coming out that year, if you’re a girl. Regardless, there’s 10 thoughts that every girl has while watching the fashion show.

10. I swear, I look like that with no clothes on too!


9. I’m just gonna eat this tub of ice cream and cry…don’t judge me.


8. Why can’t I walk like that?
VS Angel:

7. Their hair and makeup is always on point… no wonder they call them “angels”.candice-swanepoel-makeup-backstage-victorias-secret-fashion-show

6. That’s cute, that’s cute, oh and that… that’s cute too…




15 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Going Tanning

Ah yes, it is finally that time of the year again… and no I’m not referring to “PSL Season.” It is the time where we all go from making excuses to spend hours outside to fear walking five steps out to the car without freezing our butts off. So say goodbye to pool days and bikinis and hello to sweaters and boots. Yeah, doesn’t seem so bad but nobody has every told me my scarf compliments my pale skin. Cue tanning bed season…

15) “Oh my gosh are you sick? You look so pale?” “Nope…. I’m this is my natural skin color.” *dies a little inside*rs_500x278-131003121718-mean-girls-15

14) “Yeah I’ll take the strongest bed at the highest time I need to look like I just came back from the beach”


13) 20 minutes? Okay, I can do this. That’s like… 5 songs, right?