What Your Favorite Holiday Says About You

Arguably, there are eight major holidays that people tend to consider their favorites. This is what the world thinks when you say the following:

8. If Your Favorite Holiday is… New Years Eve:

You’re all about beginnings and potential as you are probably a really positive person. You take genuine delight from the magic New Years brings with the chance at starting over. You’re a list maker and goal-setter… and probably look fantastic in a sparkly dress.

new years

7. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Valentine’s Day

The only thing you love more than being in love is the idea of love itself. You burst with affection for everyone in your life, and you show it most on Valentines Day. Your favorite color is warm… pink, red, maybe even orange. You have an acquired taste for those little chalk-flavored hearts with cute sayings on them… and probably look fantastic in lipstick.


6. If Your Favorite Holiday is… St. Patrick’s Day

You like to get drunk… a lot. But that’s okay because what else do people do on St. Patrick’s Day (which you probably affectionately refer to as St. Patty’s)? You most likely have Irish in your bloodline, which makes the holiday that much more exciting because you can claim it for your own. And as for wardrobe? You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but green on this holiday… head-to-toe.

Bonus: Definitely check out the St. Patty’s celebrations in Savannah and Chicago… there’s nothing like it.

st pattys

5. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Easter

If your favorite holiday is Easter, chances are, you’re incredibly family oriented… because Easter is typically a family holiday. You probably go to church fairly often and genuinely enjoy spending time with your extended relatives, who are all super close with each other. You love the fluffy marshmallow taste of peeps and finding easter eggs in the yard (even at this age). It is likely that your favorite season is spring and you look adorable in pastel… which comes in handy this time of year.





Which Holidays Are The Biggest Jerks

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love holidays. LOVE them. Any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me. That being said, the Christmas season is coming to an end; with all the holiday-skipping, there has been a fair amount of whining about which ones are being celebrated the right way. Feelings are getting hurt, memes are being made on behalf of turkeys, and holiday picketers are pointing fingers at Santa like he personally offended their mothers. We get it– some holidays are bullies.

So, we decided to list them in order.

8. New Year’s Eve

You know why New Years is great? There’s magic in the potential for new beginnings and every single person is willing to get behind that. It’s short, sparkly, full of excitement, champagne, and low stress. Everyone has the potential to wake up the next year, shake off the glitter, and move on with the aspiration to better themselves.

new years

7. Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is not a jerky holiday; Thanksgiving is the red-headed step child of holidays. Though it’s origins are questionable, the ideals behind Thanksgiving are solid… but everyone still skips over to celebrate Christmas for two months (because WHO doesn’t love listening to Jingle Bell Rock for a solid 55 days?!) Thanksgiving is usually celebrated for a total of 5 hours before switching back to 24/7 of the guy in the big red suit.


6. Easter

Easter is a religious holiday where everyone who normally doesn’t go to church suddenly decides to pay the pews a visit… And then the world just threw in a few unrelated associations. Colorful eggs with candy inside? Sure. Marshmallows in the shape of baby chickens? Absolutely. A giant trespassing bunny who breaks into your house while you’re sleeping to leave presents? Why not. Talk about unreal expectations.

Still, not as offensive as most holidays, so Easter has a pretty low jerk rating, as well.


5. Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday… but let’s be real. It gives full approval for anyone to dress as anything in a mocking way. Some people take seriously offensive ideas and like to portray them with an IRL drunken night spent as another person.




Why the day after Thanksgiving feels like the walk of shame

We have all felt some degree of shame at one point in our life and no one can deny that.  Whether it was from overeating one night by yourself or because you gave into your hottie of a crush just because your girls said “YOLO!” Yesterday we all partook in the most stuffing day of the year; I am speaking of good ole Thanksgiving. The only day that it is acceptable to wear sweat pants or anything that grows with your stomach to the dinner table. We indulged in all the goods and we feel great until the morning after. You can compare the day after Thanksgiving closely to the walk of shame and everybody knows these stages…

pig out

The Hangover

Whether you are feeling like poo poo from overdosing on food or too much of your favorite apple tinis that the bartender kept coming your way, it is automatically the worst feeling you have experienced. Your head is pounding, the light is too bright, your stomach is bloated, and you don’t want to hear one word about last night. They tell us that if we indulge in too much good then all there is left for us to feel and to deal with is the bad. You literally just want it all to pass so you don’t have to feel like a failure at life.


The actual walk

When you realize that you have to leave your hookup’s apartment in order to get back to home base; you realize that you have to look the rest of humanity in the eyes and own up to what you did or did not do last night. While you are walking to your car, apartment, or your dorm you swear that it always takes you five minuets to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately to you it feels like the longest twenty minuets of your life. You’re asking yourself why could it possibly feel like eternity? Well for one you’re hung over and two your butt is tired as all get out from the festivities that kept you up all night. The walk of shame for Thanksgiving is when you finally get up and talk yourself into working out with all the intentions of you possibly feeling better afterwards. So you start running down the street when you suddenly feel like you’re in a time warped episode of SpongeBob and you’re steadily running in place and not going anywhere. You’re out of breath, sweating more than usual, and you are sadly only half way up the road but you still need to make it around the neighborhood so you don’t feel like such a fatty for the marathon of eating you indulged in last night.

walk of shame



12 First-World Things To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving reminds us to be humble and grateful for things we take advantage of daily; family, friends, food, cars, money, etc. It’s important to prioritize the intangible blessings like having your sisters as a shoulder to cry on or your parents to pick up your slack, but let’s not forget the little things. This light-hearted list of “blessings” should hit home for every college gal out there (hopefully…because that would be awkward if it was just me.)

12. Uber. How the hell would you get from the pregame to the party without it? Remember all the times the driver handed you the aux cord.

11. Drunk Taco Bell. The palace of regret and satisfaction, T-Bell will give you the Crunch Wrap Supreme you deserve after funneling that wine like a champ at the frat party.

10. Liquor with less calories. You don’t feel guilty shooting back that last round of whiskey before heading out because at least you’re sparing a 400-calorie-beer belly and can still wear that cute crop top.

9. Boobs. Something about them makes guys bow at our feet. Free drinks at the bar, free dinners, fire Insta selfies… boobs are kind of like backstage passes.

8. Sticky boobs. We would NOT get away with that backless dress for Vegas or that low cut halter top without these bad boys. Thanks for letting us wear less clothing than ever before, chicken cutlets.


7. 50% off sale on Tobi like…all the time. Thank goodness there are 5,000 dresses and rompers that would work perfectly for formal in three days… and I don’t have to spend my entire paycheck on them either. I can save some for the alcohol I’m going to pregame with.



10 Ideas For Sisterhood Bonding During The Holidays

It’s important for every sorority to master the art of bonding. Spending time with your sisters is what allows you to get to know the many faces in your sorority. Here’s a few ideas for bonding during our favorite time of the year, the holidays:


tumblr_m9mqx1PWoe1qlrlr7o1_50010. Holiday decorating.

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, grab a bunch of sisters and start getting crafty. You will be amazed on how great the outcome will be.


tumblr_n49zanciwo1tpgp6eo1_5009. Throw a costume party.

Make it a thing to throw an annual costume party during Halloween and dress to your heart’s desire with your sisters. You can even plan it with other Greeks and make a huge contest out of it.


pumpkin-carving-with-miley-cyrus-o8. Pumpkin carving.

Whenever fall is among us, we love pumpkin everything! We most definitely love going to pumpkin patches with our sisters and being kids for a change. After grabbing some pumpkins, get a large group together and decorate and carve them.


tumblr_n9yjjvTw5v1rnngzao1_5007. Have a fall/winter photo shoot.

It’s already common for sororities to take shitloads of pictures. Well, we also love to dress up nice, especially for the fall and winter season. Why not get a photo shoot together and take a few cute candid and off guard shots? Make all the memories you can.


roadtrip6. Go on a spontaneous road trip.

This time don’t plan ahead to go somewhere. Randomly pick a place to go to with your sisters. Traveling is fun, but it’s even better when you have all your best friends with you.




The End of Fall Semester as Told by Disney Princesses

There’s something specifically stressful and hectic about the time between the end of fall break and the beginning of winter break. It seems like everyone’s (including my own) life is in shambles as we try to survive the next few weeks.

10) When Thanksgiving is so close yet so far away.

I mean, we’re two weeks out, but we might as well be 2 years out. Time is moving so slowly it’s almost in reverse. All I want is my bed, my dog, and some pie. Is that so much to ask?

9) When you’re still recovering from your midterm grades.

So maybe you bombed a few midterms. You’ve got a whole half a semester to redeem yourself, right? Yet every day we got closer and closer to that final grade, and not much has changed. Oops.

8) When its too cold to dress cute when you go out.

You’re telling me I have to walk to a frat house with a thousand layers on, and then someone make it back with all of those layers still attached to me? No thanks.

7) When you can’t find the motivation to do anything.

All you want to do is cuddle up and watch movies. Specifically holiday themed movies. Give me a blanket and some hot chocolate while I ignore the pile of homework staring at me.

6) When you can’t decide if it’s too early for Christmas music.

When is it appropriate? November first? Closer to Thanksgiving? No one can give me a solid answer on this, so I’m gonna jam to Jingle Bells and bring my peppermint mocha, thank you very much.



Thanksgiving as Told by F.R.I.E.N.D.S

October is over, Halloween has passed, and now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving. I for one am ready to party like a pilgrim in a few weeks. Just imagining the turkey, the stuffing, and abundance of pies makes my mouth water. As an American, Thanksgiving is a big deal and the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. knows exactly how to portray this amazing holiday.

Finally getting a break from school/work/life in general to just lay back and relax with family, and more importantly eat. 6f19e88584ae0b8d_8c.xxxlarge

When the whole family is together under the same roof you can’t help but get a little excited. 


That is until that one weird cousin of yours starts annoying you and you start rethinking that excitement.


Playing rock paper scissors with your siblings to decide who has to share their bed with grandma. 


When your mom asks you to help cook one of the dozen dishes that will be served, but you totally mess it up.