The 17 Stages Of Getting Your Body “Summer Ready”

Every girl in the world has gone through the last minute panic when she realizes that summer is a month or two away, and she’s no closer to looking like a Victoria Secret model than she was last year. How are you ever going to wrack up the Instagram likes if your body is more “Fat Amy” than it is “Kendall Jenner”? Here are the 17 stages every girl goes through in an attempt to get her “summer body”:


17.) You accidentally open the Snapchat camera in Selfie-mode, catching a glimpse of your one-too-many double chins.


16.) With the summer season rapidly approaching, which means endless beach days and bikinis, you decide you should probably start working on your “summer body”. How hard could losing a few pounds possible be?


15.) You consider your options. Working out is something that people are, like, supposed to do, right? You should probably start jogging, or at least start taking the stairs? #BabySteps






5 Reasons to Love Fuzzy Socks

I don’t know about you, but when I open my sock drawer it is made up of 90% fuzzy socks. I have always loved fuzzy socks, and I can’t find a reason not to love them. Here’s 10 reasons why you, like me, should love fuzzy socks.

5. They’re Cheap

I’ve found fuzzy socks as cheap as $1. You can find more expensive ones, but the cheaper ones are just as good in my opinion.


4. They Come in So Many Colors

You can find fuzzy socks in so many colors and patterns that you don’t have to worry about finding some that you like.


3. You Can Find Them Anywhere

Every drugstore you can think of carries fuzzy socks. Even department stores carry them.


2. They’re So Warm and Fuzzy

They keep your toes warm all day long. Need I say more?


1. You Can Where Them All Year Round

Want to wear your UGG Boots? Fuzzy Socks go perfect in them. Want to wear your Birkenstocks, but it’s a bit chilly outside? Put on some fuzzy socks and slide on your Birks.



9 Ways to Make the Most of the End of Summer

Everyone always starts the summer off with amazing plans in mind, but in what feels like the blink of an eye you are less than 20 days from going back to school. Before you start to panic about all the things you haven’t done, plan out what to do before its really too late!

9. Go to the beach.

Grab a few friends and a good book and head to the beach. Take advantage of the little time you have left to relax and read a book thats not a textbook or a lab manual. Run around carelessly with you friends and enjoy a beautiful day. You won’t have many carefree days once classes start up again.

8. Go camping.

Whether it’s in your backyard or on a local camp site, get away from technology a little and spend quality time with friends or family. Make some s’mores, sing catchy campfire songs, and tell scary stories around the fire.  A little adventure always creates the best memories.

7. Take a day off

Once you are back at school, you are going to be surrounded by people 24/7. While you can, take a day to yourself, sleep in, go shopping , relax, and do whatever you want on a day just for yourself.

6. Go to your nearest big city.

Just wander around and enjoy it. There are probably so many things a big city near you has to offer that you probably never noticed.

5. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.

It really is a beautiful thing to see. Wake up early to watch it rise, and stay up to watch it set. It will really make you appreciate the whole day.



The 6 struggles of being a summer baby

You spent countless nights each semester going out with your friend’s for their birthdays, taking care of them on their 21st and crafting each present perfectly. Sadly, as the school year ends you realize- you won’t be with any of your sisters during your own birthday

6) They are all hours away- while you will still may get countless phone calls and texts, there is no one with you to go out celebrating with.. which leads to

5) Celebrating with your high school friends- these people, while you were really close with a few years ago, now don’t really know you or your likes and dislikes, which will lead to them dragging you to a movie or your old hangout place in your hometown where you have to pretend that you want to run away and find the closest bar

4) All of your presents come late- or your college friends forget. Not having a big poster of all your sisters birthday’s on it means that your birthday can easily be forgotten while everyone is off studying abroad or on the trip of their lives. If they do remember, the mail causes your gift to come late or you have to wait till the school year starts to get it

3) You feel kinda sad having a “fake” birthday outing with your sisters. But you really want to have an excuse to take to many shots and have someone else take care of you- so a fake one is better than nothing

2) Parents aren’t too big on having you away for your birthday, cause well they have been there for all the other ones. So this leads to not being able to travel anywhere most of the summer because all the trips overlap with you turning a year older

1) Honestly, having a summer birthday makes your birthday not as special. You don’t have your best friend decorating your room with streamers and balloons, and you don’t get to have your waltz or complete your shot book on your birthday. It has to get postponed to August, and after everyone has recovered from recruitment. At least you get to show the new pledges a good time, cause lets be honest, your 21st birthday (or “21st”) is gonna be a rager, no matter how long you have to wait


7 Detox Water Recipes For Spring

Bikini season is coming in hot and it’s time we make sure we are too. The health fad that never goes out of style is flavored/infused water. We have all heard it a thousand times: “drink plenty of water”, but we all know h2o gets more boring than a Friday afternoon History lecture. So to combat the water blahs, here are a couple yummy recipes to spice up your water while doing your body good! Drop any of these ingredients to your water bottle or pitcher, let sit for a bit, and enjoy.

1. Lemon, Cucumber, Mint

detox water

This one is probably the most tried and true detox water concoction out there…which just proves how amazing it really is. The lemon juice is the main detoxifying ingredient, it alkalizes your insides, helps digestion and regularity, and revitalizes your immune system. The mint addition helps to settle your stomach while also boosting the sweetness of your water, making it much easier to chug. Just like using cucumbers on your under-eye-bags to reduce puffiness, adding a couple slices to your water also helps with de-swelling, from the inside out.

2. Apple and Cinnamon

detox water

This recipe has been raved about by Dr. Oz himself. Cinnamon is a huge health food fad right now for its amazing abilities to kick all of your internal organs into high gear. It also is LOADED with antioxidants and lowers blood sugar, two properties your body will definitely thank you for later. As for the apples, besides providing a dessert like taste to good old water, when you infuse them into water they release all the vitamins and minerals they naturally have, think Vitamin Water, but natural and so much better.

3. Strawberry and Watermelon

detox water

If that doesn’t scream Spring and Summertime, I don’t know what does. Infusing your water with both of these red fruits will not only trick your body into thinking you’re drinking something much yummier, you will also be consuming loads of vitamins and natural sweetness that these fruits provide. Also, watermelon has amazing hydrating qualities on its own, so hydration+hydration= a very happy body.

4. Blueberry and Orange

detox water

Once again, another amazingly bright springtime burst to your water. Just like lemons, oranges (being in the same citrus family) have amazing detoxifying qualities as well as loads of Vitamin C so support healthy immune function. As for the blueberries, they are antioxidant central. A match made in heaven.

5. Mango and Ginger

detox water

This recipe comes straight out of a day spa, and every time you take a sip you’ll feel like you’re being transferred to one. Ginger is amazing for you, it is a natural detoxifier, a natural pain reliever, and known to curb nausea. Mango provides the tropical flavors while also adding tons of vitamins and aiding in digestion. Tip: down lots of this one the morning after drinking, ginger does wonders for hangovers.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

detox water

This one may sound a little weird, why would you ever add vinegar to water?! But trust here, the benefits of apple cider vinegar are endless. Among the many benefits, it can lower blood sugar and…wait for it…actually increase levels of satiety! Which is a fancy word for “feeling more full/satisfied” meaning it could actually help you eat smaller portions. It’s a win win.

7. Grapefruit and Cranberry

detox water

Now we are catching a pattern here: citrus. Once again citrus is loaded with vitamin C that will naturally detoxify and flush your body. To counteract the tendency of grapefruits to be bitter, add some crushed up cranberries to your water. TBT to Regina George’s failed “cranberry fat flush”, which failed because she was using un-natural fruit cocktail juice, but her intentions were right! Cranberries are a natural fat flusher, so use the real ones in your water for the real results!


What Your Choice Of Sunglasses Says About You

Choice Of Sunglasses

Sunglasses on campus are a sorority girl’s best friend. They’re as much a part of our body as our toned quads from squatting whenever a camera presents itself. Leaving for class without your sunglasses would be like showing up to a social in the wrong themed outfit- totally heinous. But each style of sunglasses speaks different volumes, lets break it down.

Choice Of Sunglasses

Aviators: I’m totally beachy and love fun in the sun with my dude friends. I’d way rather be driving down the highway with all my windows down blasting music than solemnly walking to a lecture of 300 coughing post-adolescents. You’re counting down the minutes until the next sunny Saturday so you can day-rage in your classic-cool aviators and high-waist jean shorts. If you’re wearing headphones, Mumford and Sons is playing.

Choice Of Sunglasses

Massive black lenses with thick plastic frames: Don’t talk to me. I do not walk to talk to any of you, you are all irrelevant and I just want to get in and out of this class as fast as possible to avoid talking to anyone. I just want to be home, painting my nails, watching Netflix, and drinking a skinny vanilla latte. You will wear not a splatter of makeup until Thursday night’s bar crawl, and then you won’t take any of it off until Sunday night, after Friday’s frat party and Saturday’s tailgate. You ARE wearing headphones and the music on your iPhone has the craziest mix of Ke$ha being a mess, Fall Out Boy letting you relive your pseudo-emo days, and Lana Del Rey because she just really feels you.

Choice Of Sunglasses

Heart shaped glasses: I originally bought these for a music festival but then decided that they really accentuate my fun-loving, happy personality. I’m basically the walking heart-eyes emoji. The pink lenses really exemplify my whole “I totally see the world through rose-colored-glasses” persona…like literally. You’ll say hello to everyone you’ve met even just once on the way to class and you’re most likely going to an art class or psychology. If you’re wearing headphones: Taylor Swift is playing, but you’d never admit it.

Choice Of Sunglasses

Blue/green-lensed glasses: I’m so trendy and these are hot shit right now. I want you to all be intimidated by me as I speed walk to class to make sure it looks like I have places to go and people to see…because I do. Do not stop me on the way to class because I do not have time to pencil you in to my high-society lifestyle planner. I’d way rather be working on my internship application with Vogue than wasting my time in general education classes. If you’re listening to music: either Iggy is constantly reminding you that “you’re a boss ass bitch” or Dillon Francis is dropping his newest set in your ear- that no one else has heard yet, obvs.

choice of sunglasses


So ladies, now that spring is coming in hot, embrace the persona your sunglasses give off. Honestly, you don’t have much of a choice.


15 Places You Need To Stay At This Summer

Limbo Time!! 15 Places You Need To Be At This Summer!!

No I don’t mean the game we played when we were younger, or even now.. do college kids still play limbo.. maybe at theme parties I suppose! What I mean by limbo time is that time after finals when were at home doing nothing but watching re runs of friends in our underwear. It’s that awkward time that some of your friends still aren’t back from school so you just want to sit around and binge watch the latest shows on Netflix and eat everything in your pantry that you didn’t get to have on your Taco Tuesday budget. You start missing your girlfriends and start to have major withdraws so what are you going to do about it? How about you wipe off the cookie crumbs from your shirt, get your computer and your phone, time to take a getaway with your girls! What better way to kick off the summer with some great views and best friends!

We have pulled together some cute and fun rentals from and a couple other vacation sites and selected the top 12 vacation rentals and 3 other types of awesome getaways! Why a vacation home or condo and not a hotel? Hotel rooms often cost much more and you don’t have much room to dance around and have pillow fights with your girls duhhh! Most of these spots sleep up to 6 people so in some cases its almost less than $40 per night per person!

Top 15 hot spots for a girls getaway that still stay within your budget ( in order from most costly to least)

15. Fredericksburg, Texas

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer 

Rent here!

Fredericksburg is an old German town known for its rich history and culture. This cute cottage above is listed at $299 per night. It was built in the 1940’s and has since been completely updated! It’s only two blocks from Main St., which is where all of the shopping, restaurants, museums, and wine bars are! There are endless things to do in Fredreicksburg, many outdoor pursuits, wineries yes ladies wine and more wine, endless shopping, live music, and much more!

14.3- Day Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas!

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer 

I know it’s not a house or condo but cruising is one of the best getaways for a low cost and everything comes with the cost including your food, your room, entertainment, ect.! You can go on a 3 day cruise for as low as $262 per person if you book early! What college girl would pass up sunbathing all day, enjoying some eye candy at the pool if you know what I mean, being with your girls, and going to new places!

13. Key West, Florida

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

How would you like this view when you wake up?? This beautiful condo overlooks one of the coral reefs in Key West listed at $275 per night! It’s time to sink your toes in the sand and detox from that thing we call life. This place is just walking distance from the nightlife of Key West and just steps away from the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

12. Lake Burton, Georgia

Lake Burton Oasis !!!!! on Lake Burton!!

Rent Here!

For the adventurous, outdoorsy girls this ones for you! This beautiful home is located about one mile from the lake! You can rent a boat, go hiking on the trails, 4 wheeling, horseback riding, cycling, you name it they’ve got it! If that doesn’t sound enjoying to you there are other exciting things to do like go play mini golf, shop, eat, and there’s even a country club for your enjoyment. You can plan your escape her for $250 per night!

11. Charleston, South Carolina

15 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

 Rent Here!

To see this beautiful apartment located two blocks away from Upper King Street click on “Rent Here!”. The apartment has been recently updated so it takes on a very modern chic look and only $250 per night! So what is there to do in Charleston you ask? Well, you can start out at the visitor center and they can tell you more. There are many types of tours of this historic town. If you want to get off of your feet take a carriage ride! They are also known for their ghost tours throughout the eerie past of Charleston. You can even visit some of the old plantations, but even more exciting is their variety of food and they are always having some type of festival in town!

10. East Hampton, New York

15 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

At $243 per night this beautiful house is fully furnished with Ralph Lauren and who doesn’t love RL? It has a beautiful pool, all it needs is you and your friends lounging around living it up! You can bike to the beach and all of the local amenities.

9. Austin, Texas

15 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

This cute bungalow is located walking distance away from everywhere you’d possibly want to go to! You can cozy up with your girls or go have a night on the town! SoCo has fantastic restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and music venues. Keep Austin weird at the price of $225 per night and don’t get into too much trouble!

8. Road Trip!

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer


Pack up the car and take a road trip with your besties! What’s better than picking somewhere on the map and just driving!? Crank up the radio and enjoy the ride! You all split the fuel cost, someone navigates and someone brings snacks! Doesn’t get anymore easy than that!

7. Hermosa Beach, California 

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

This newly renovated town home is located right off the Famous Strand which means beautiful views costing $175 per night. Also, it’s less than 1/4th of a mile away from the Hermosa Pier and the Comedy Magic Club where Jay Leno preforms every Sunday night! Be prepared to kick back and relax!

6. French Quarter, New Orleans

th (8)

Rent Here!

This town house is located on Burgundy St. which is only two blocks from Bourbon St. at a rate of $164 per night. The French Market, grocery store, delis, shops and fine dining are all walking distance away. Don’t forget to go to the famous Café Dumonde on Decatur St.!

5. Destin, Florida

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer


Rent Here!

Located in WaterColor Crossing on 30A rates start at $155 per night. The neighborhood of WaterColor has community pools, close by shopping, walking and biking trails and only a 5 minute drive or less to the beautiful emerald waters of Florida.

4.  Memphis, Tennessee

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer 

Rent Here!

Although this is an apartment it is big enough for 6 people! We think it’s worth the $125 per night because it is located in downtown! You’ll be walking distance from all music, history, and sports!

3. Panama City, Florida

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

Wow talk about not having to get in a car to go any where! You’re right on the beach! These condos are very popular in Panama City Beach and are only $114 per night! You’re walking distance from the brand new Pier Park that hosts over a million square foot retail and entertainment! Restaurants including Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Shopping with Dillard’s, Old Navy to name a couple of anchors, specialty shops galore including Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, Star Bucks, Massage Envy, ULTA Beauty, 16 screen Grand Theater. Enjoy the boardwalk as many shops have outside seating & umbrella’s. Some restaurants have water views and best of all Gulf Breeze’s will keep you cool as you enjoy the boardwalk.

2. Portland, Oregan

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

More of a city girl??For $109 per night you can stay in the heart of downtown’s Pearl District. Nearby is the Portland convention center which is always hosting some kind of entertainment, the Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden Arena, and Portland State University. You can also enjoy the different arts around the city!

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

 Places You Need To Be At This Summer

Rent Here!

Maybe you like to embrace the cold and the beauty of the snow covered mountains, Jackson Hole is the place to go then! Starting at $109 per night you can be walking distance away from the slopes and activity of a ski town! There is a plethora of things to do in Jackson Hole; great restaurants, exciting nightlife, and many outdoor recreations!



Be safe and have fun anywhere you decide to go this summer!

15 Places You Need To Be At This Summer