The Struggle of Still Being Underage in College

I’m 17. Seventeen. I’m 17 years old and I’m a freshmen in college. Also, I didn’t turn 17 until a month before I started college. How? Well my birthday is in July and I skipped 6th grade. So yeah, I’m a young one. Welcome to the life of the underage college student and my constant struggles.

11. I can’t go to concerts/comedy shows/clubs with my friends.


10. I have to have my mom call the doctor and tell them it’s okay to treat me.


9. I can’t sign any forms or waivers myself.


8. I can’t register to vote at the voting fair yet.


7. I can’t take out any loans, legally own anything, or have my own bank account yet.




The 6 struggles of being a summer baby

You spent countless nights each semester going out with your friend’s for their birthdays, taking care of them on their 21st and crafting each present perfectly. Sadly, as the school year ends you realize- you won’t be with any of your sisters during your own birthday

6) They are all hours away- while you will still may get countless phone calls and texts, there is no one with you to go out celebrating with.. which leads to

5) Celebrating with your high school friends- these people, while you were really close with a few years ago, now don’t really know you or your likes and dislikes, which will lead to them dragging you to a movie or your old hangout place in your hometown where you have to pretend that you want to run away and find the closest bar

4) All of your presents come late- or your college friends forget. Not having a big poster of all your sisters birthday’s on it means that your birthday can easily be forgotten while everyone is off studying abroad or on the trip of their lives. If they do remember, the mail causes your gift to come late or you have to wait till the school year starts to get it

3) You feel kinda sad having a “fake” birthday outing with your sisters. But you really want to have an excuse to take to many shots and have someone else take care of you- so a fake one is better than nothing

2) Parents aren’t too big on having you away for your birthday, cause well they have been there for all the other ones. So this leads to not being able to travel anywhere most of the summer because all the trips overlap with you turning a year older

1) Honestly, having a summer birthday makes your birthday not as special. You don’t have your best friend decorating your room with streamers and balloons, and you don’t get to have your waltz or complete your shot book on your birthday. It has to get postponed to August, and after everyone has recovered from recruitment. At least you get to show the new pledges a good time, cause lets be honest, your 21st birthday (or “21st”) is gonna be a rager, no matter how long you have to wait


The Struggle of Being a Commuter in a Sorority

Being a commuter is great! Home-cooked meals every night, still being annoyed by your parents, being free to take off your pants as soon as you walk in the door without any hesitation of who might be in your room; it’s a grand time! Minus the 30 minute drive to and from school… without traffic. Most people do not understand the struggles of a commuter who is also in greek. While most of my sisters can go take a nap in their bed in-between classes, I have to resort to constantly having a pillow and blanket in my car for those long breaks where all you want to do is go home, but you know that if you go home you probably are not coming back. Every Monday night meeting I have to carry my clothes and makeup with me, and hastily change and put my makeup on in a school bathroom. I don’t have the luxury of having time to do these things at home.

Being A Commuter

A Sorority Commuter


 I live out of my car. I don’t say that as a joke. My car is a mess, and my trunk is a closet because of cases of spontaneous sorority events or fraternity parties. Because of my school and work and sorority schedule, I don’t see my parents- AND I LIVE WITH THEM! I am only home on average the 7 hours I get to sleep. That’s not including the times I am in shows; being a drama major also has its ups and downs with my schedule by throwing in late rehearsals and performances.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe


Some of my sisters understand, having had to commute at some point in their college career, but I’ll still get the occasional, “How come you don’t come out that often?” or, “Why weren’t you at sorority event?”.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe


To be quite honest, the perk of being a commuter is getting to spend more time with my family than living on campus, and most times I would rather sit on the couch with my mom, or actually get more than 7 hours of sleep than going out. Most of the time I won’t even be notified about a party until it’s an hour before, and I’m already home and in my PJ’s and don’t want to take an hour to get ready then another half-hour to drive to school.

So, be kind to your sisters who commute! Sure, they get some perks, but chances are they are running on very low energy and have a very tight schedule as it is.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe