Thoughts When Paying Dues

So, it’s that time again… chapter dues are posted.


You’ve been dodging your Big’s ‘pay your sh*t’ texts all week and the last day has finally caught up to you.


You look at your ‘payment due’ and lament the fact that you took the high road and offered to pay your own way through your sorority.


You briefly wonder whether your pride is worth it… maybe you should just call Dad?


No. NO. You’re a strong, independent woman and you can DO THIS.


Carefully, you open the details of your transactions. You read the outlandish charges on your account and begin the inner war with your past self.




I mean did I REALLY need all those date shirts? He wasn’t even that much fun.

Plus, he ended up acting like a drunken fool and I had help him walk. It was like aiding a baby giraffe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.13.27 PM

You swear to yourself that you will never purchase another date shirt again… though, even in this moment, you know it’s a lie.




10 Upsides to Having a Long Distance Relationship

It has been said multiple times that long distance relationships never work out. Yes, they are hard and require a lot of work, but in the end sometimes, they are really worth the trouble and the worry that come with them.

10.  When you do see them, your face lights up like a Christmas tree. Putting in the effort is one thing after another, but finally seeing the person that you love dearly after months even years of not physically seeing them, is the most amazing feeling in the world.

9. In a long distance relationship, you develop a strong sense of trust that no one could ever break. In any relationship you have to have some trust, but in a long distance relationship that trust is not automatically given, it’s earned.

Do You Trust me

8. Your relationship is more than just physical. Having a physical relationship is hard when you are so far away from each other, but along with that comes a deeper more emotional connection.

7. Independence. Not having your significant other around all the time gives you more time to hang out with your friends and not be attached to your significant other. Learning that you don’t have to depend on each other is a great skill to have when you are apart.


6. Learning to be creative when you can’t see each other. FaceTime and Skype were created for a reason, to communicate with people you cannot see often. Love letters and emails can also be alternatives to not seeing each other, it also brings a classic twist to your relationship.



An Open Letter To: The Boy I Thought I’d Love Forever

Every girl, at sometime in their life has a “him”, and every girl reading this, knows exactly who I am referring to, the boy who is always in the back of your mind, the one you’ll always love, the one that you’d probably go crawling back to if you had the chance, the one that you thought you had a future with? Yeah, him. We all have words we wish we could say to him, but this is what I would say if I had the chance.

Dear You,

You know exactly who you are, the boy that I thought was going to be my forever, and is now my never. If you saw me typing this now you’d probably think this was a letter begging for you back when in all reality it’s a letter full of I’m sorry’s, I love you’s and some thank you’s, too.

First things first, we met when we were fourteen, on October 9, 2011,  I met you.  We had met under really unfortunate circumstances. I was being forced to go watch my brother play a sport, that I now love and appreciate, football, while I was in the middle of an anxiety and or depression attack.

What you did not know was, I had done a very bad thing. I had sliced my mid to upper forearms with cold, steel slivers of pain. All of a sudden, I felt warm, crimson streams rushing down my arms. Thankfully they stopped before my mom came up to tell me it was time to go. The cuts were barely even noticeable. Looking back on this, I realize that this was really a cry for help, a way to cope for feelings that I truly, at the time, did not have any idea how to explain.

When I walked in I saw a group of my “friends” and some of the unfamiliar faces. I joined the group and said the typical greetings, until I saw you with pure fright in your eyes. I went up to you and asked you what was wrong, you could see the evident sadness. “Why? Why would you do such a harmful thing to yourself?”, you said slightly sliding my sleeve up. I did not have a response. You hugged me tight, as I released all my pain, in the form of tears onto your shoulder.

To this, I want to say, thank you. Thank you for being there, though you didn’t know me, you had a large impact on my night, but little did I know that you would impact my life in so many more ways. Thank you for the most amazing seventeen months, two weeks, three days and six hours, in which we had: two Halloweens, four birthdays, one day apart, two Christmases, two New Year’s kisses, two Valentine’s Day’s, an Easter and countless I love you’s. I am so grateful for you sticking around with me for as long as you did.

The next thing i need to say is, ironically, I love you. You never thought you’d see those words come from me ever again, right? Well that makes two of us. I now appreciate and love you for the lessons you have taught me along the way. You taught me a lot life lessons, even after we broke up. It’s been almost three years since the day you broke my heart. I still love you, I always will, it will never be the same way that the innocent fourteen-year-old girl loved you as a freshman in high school, but it’s a special kind of love, that only you will ever get from me.

The third thing I need to tell you is I’m sorry. I’m sorry for a lot of things. I’m sorry for making you think that you were my only source happiness,when you were just a large part of it.  I’m sorry for all those threats that my brother and his friends gave you in high school. I’m sorry that I was not what you needed at the time of us meeting. I’m just over all sorry.

I’m going to end this letter on a more positive note and write another thank you. Thank you for pushing me to follow my dreams, I wouldn’t be writing this without you, literally. Thank you for everything you did to help my depression and anxiety, because of you I am okay now. Thank you for showing me that love can be shown in so many different ways, Thank you for breaking my heart. Thank you for teaching me how to trust. Thank you for being in love with me when you were. Thank you for being my first kiss. Thank you for kissing me in the rain even though we both got sick afterward. Thank you.

Lastly, there are so many more I’m sorry’s, I love you’s and Thank you’s, but I will save those for another day.

With all my love,

The innocent girl that isn’t so innocent anymore



Why Sisters Make the Best Roommates

Throughout my college years, I lived with six different sisters, all of various ages. The first one and I rushed together, actually, and wound up in the same sorority, a stroke of luck I am still thankful for.

we're sisters


Three of the six are still some of the best friends I have ever had, two I lived with for three years in a row, four of them were descending branches in my family tree. We were from all over the state and all walks of life, bound together by our love for our letters and each other; when you’re in a Greek system, it truly doesn’t matter where you’re from. It matters who you are. This was the reason that, even though most of them were younger than me or in different pledge classes, we still always maintained a close bond.








Chi Omega at the University of Cincinnati Tumblr Is Amazing In Every Way

Some of our new girls excited about receiving their bids!
we love our Bearcats
Sister Kali with University President… Prez Ono loves ChiO
Formal 2013
Sisters Charlotte and Elysse at the One Direction concert!
Tuesday night dinner!!
hoot hoot chiO sisters are fit and cute!
sisters having fun at our cookout with FIJI and Phi Delta Theta!
love ya like XO



University of Oregon Kappa Delta Tumblr Is A Thing Of Beauty




#BidDay #KappaDelta #Oregon #Ducks


#Sasquatch #KappaDelta #Oregon #Ducks

#KappaDelta #Oregon #Ducks


#KappaDelta #Oregon 

#Oregon #KappaDelta #Birthday













Chi Omega From Cal Poly SLO Tumblr Is Too Perfect Not To Look At





Bloomsburg University Phi Sigma Sigma Tumblr Rocks!

All Phi Sig’s love a good selfie!
You can’t spell CΦLLΣGΣ without ΦΣΣ!!
Throwin it back!
Phi Sigma Sigma Wants You!


Loyola University Chicago Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Tumblr Is Super Cool

<p>alpha sigma alpha<br />

<p>more art here<br />
<p>how did my handwriting get so many notes<br />


University of Alabama ZTA Tumblr Makes Me Scream Roll Tide!



Mizzou Gamma Phi Beta Tumblr Is Perfect

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Mississippi State University Pi Beta Phi Tumblr Shows Amazing Sisterhood