10 Times Your Sorority House Felt Like Home

They say home is where the heart is. Well, your heart lies where your sisters are, and you’ll always be able to find them at your all-important sorority house. This house is your sanctuary, your happy place, and your home away from home.

10. It was there when you needed a place to study or hold emergency tutor sessions.


9. It’s where you can sit and talk with your sisters, discussing any and everything, for hours at a time.


8. There’s always a place to paint, make posters, craft, and express your artistic side to it’s fullest.


7. It was there for you on Bid Day when you made one of the best decisions of your life.


6. It was there when you needed a place to vent and cry over life’s responsibilities. Someone’s always there to listen.




An Open Letter to the Sister Who Slept with My Boyfriend

An Open Letter to the Sister Who Slept with My Boyfriend

Dear “Sister”,

I thought I would be ready to write this letter, but as I sit down to type this, I can feel my heart breaking all over again and the very fact that it’s taken me nearly two weeks to finish this piece shows just how hard it is to put the words on paper, much less read them over and over again. Long after it happened, long after we stopped talking, long after him and I broke up; I can feel the scars rip open every time I let the thought more than flicker through my mind.

love animated GIF

It’s taken me 8 months to be able to talk about what happened that night. Eight months. I’ve spent all this time being ashamed, like your mistake was somehow my fault. I blamed myself for months after it happened, convinced myself that if I had been a better best friend and sister, you wouldn’t have done that to me. The bottom line is, you did do it to me. And then you lied to me about it, to my face. It wasn’t my fault, it was yours.



The 7 Stages of Bid Day Every Sorority Girl Go Through

Everyone remembers their own bid day and they also remember the bid days that they experience on the other side of recruitment. The other side of recruitment can be compared to the week leading up to Christmas Day and the excitement starts the night before…..

7. The night before jitters: After the last round of recruitment everyone is cleaning up and setting the house up for the bid day festivities. Everyone is tired from prefing all the different girls that the realization that bid day is happening the next morning! Then you finally lay you pretty little head and release all the stress of the day in that long drawn out sigh , close your eyes, then………*POP* your eyes spring open cause you realize that BID DAY IS TOMORROW!!! all of the chapter’s hard work is about to be paid off when you see all the new members sprinting towards y’all and jumping into your arms! Congratulations you may night sleep tonight.


6. TODAY’S THE DAY!!!! As your alarm goes off extra early (just so you have enough time to make sure everything is perfect), you reach for your phone and go straight to GroupMe to let everyone know that today is the day….it’s BID DAY! Not even 15 minuets later you hear the pounding of feet coming down the hall accompanied by the voice of one of your sisters screaming ” WAKE UP IT’S BID DAYYYYY!!!!” At this point your doing your hair and make up with some of your sisters, Pandora is on point with playing all the right songs, and you’re basically feeling like your life is a really awesome movie right now.

bid day excitement





10 Reasons I’m Proud to Be an ALPHA PHI

I have been a sister of Alpha Phi International Fraternity since October 14, 2014. Every day, I am more and more proud to be a part of a truly astonishing sisterhood. Here are just a few reasons that Alpha Phi is amazing:

10. Alpha Phi is beginning to gear up for a big birthday; we’ll be hitting 150 years soon! Founded in 1872, Alpha is one of the oldest Women’s fraternities in existence.


9. We have over 150 collegiate chapters! We are still continuing to expand our fraternity and add new chapters.


8. We’re international! This happened in 1906, when the Xi chapter was chartered at the University of Toronto.





10 Things You Learn About Living In The Sorority House

Things you learn only after you've experienced living in a sorority house with your sisters.

Living in the sorority house has its ups and downs, but lets all admit we would never trade it for the world. Your best memories are made in the house and you are surrounded with your sisters. You form so many different bonds and a family is developed like no other. Howeverrrrrrr, being in a sorority at a SUNY school, we don’t get too fortunate with houses, but we make the best of it.

10. Your house is always dirty, no matter what day or if it was just after you cleaned, an hour later it’s messy. There’s just no hope.cleaning

9. There is always people coming in and out of the house, especially when there is a frat living upstairs from you.



5 Reasons “Say Yes to the Dress” Describes Recruitment

5 Reasons "Say Yes to the Dress" Describes Recruitment

Don’t lie – we’ve all totally binge watched episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress.” We all love watching Randy assist the bride to be, the trying on of dresses, and of course, the stress the comes with finding the perfect dress. Though we may be nowhere near marriage, Say Yes to the Dress has its moments that perfectly describes what we go through during rush week recruitment.

5. When you get hungry and it’s only the third round of the day.

say yes 1




9 Thoughts Sorority Sisters Have on a Daily Basis

9 Thoughts Sorority Sisters Have on a Daily Basis

College is great. I don’t know who made up the idea of high school being the best 4 years of your life, because college is definitely managing to make high school look like a total joke. Joining my sorority, I was able to meet amazing women who I knew I can develop lifelong friendships with. My sorority sisters became an integral part of my life and I enjoy all the memories I share with them, even the small ones that may seem insignificant.

Here are some thoughts sorority sisters find wandering through their head without fail:

9. “I am so #blessed to have sisters in this lecture with me.”

Thank God I have my sisters sitting on either side of me as moral support. Plus, I know I’ll have a study buddy for that crazy exam we have coming up in a week.


8. “WHY are there no sisters in this class?”

I’m all about learning new things. Really, I am. But this prof is so monotone, the notes make no sense, and I’m pretty sure whoever made this class an hour and fifteen minutes long hated my guts.


7. “How much coffee is too much coffee?”

I know I already had two cups today, but I seriously need it. I mean, it’s hard to believe there are people in this world who don’t drink coffee. I find myself questioning how they could ever get through life without it.




Alpha Epsilon Phi at University of Illinois’s Musical Open House

Alpha Epsilon Phi at University of Illinois's Musical Open House

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Alpha Epsilon Phi at University of Illinois put a fun and interesting spin on their open house video. Not only did we get a peak into the life of an Alpha Epsilon Phi, but they showed us how fun it would be to be a part of their family. These girls made a hilarious lip sync video to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. If this doesn’t make you want to go Greek, I don’t know what will!

Video: Abby Baum